Customer Success Stories (Case Studies)    
Companies worldwide, in a variety of industries, rely on Netformx products and services, whether they are creating physical data center networks, deploying converged VoIP solutions or selling MPLS, Cloud and Managed Services.  Read about how some of our customers have partnered with Netformx for success.

“Netformx ChannelXpert has greatly enhanced our productivity. We can do our work faster and with fewer errors. And by increasing our rebate and reward incentives our margins have improved, helping us to lower prices. This has made us more competitive.”

Adriana Loria Arroyo, Corporate Alliances & Strategy Director
ITS InfoCom

“Raw data and complex reports are a waste of time. Netformx ChannelXpert doesn’t just give me data— it provides simple graphics and reports that tell me what I can do. No decoder ring is needed! We have seen immediate growth in our reward rebates since we have used Netformx ChannelXpert to highlight vendor incentive programs as proposals are generated, to fix any rebate submission errors, and to track rewards.”

David Yarashus, CTO
NetCraftsmen, LLC

Mike Fitz,
Vice President, Solution Engineering & Wireline Business Unit

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 "If I had to keep only one tool in my toolbox, this would be it"
Randy Marsh, Senior Solutions Architect
Unified Communications Center of Excellence

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"Any time we can simplify the solution development process is a big win for us and the client.  DesignXpert is the best tool that we ever bought . . . It has made the process much simpler."
Mike Pierce, Vice President,

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“The designs are more accurate and our speed to market is much greater. We are able to move quicker when there is a request for a proposal.”
Mike Heiman, VP of Engineering,
Nexus IS

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"The network discovery and assessment feature alone has saved us a lot of time and has enabled us to increase sales."
Howard Weiss, Network Solutions Manager,

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“The customer can easily see that I can quickly deliver results beyond their expectations, and then they know we’re the right partner to meet their needs.”
Marzio Medaglia, Solutions Designer and Architect,

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“DesignXpert enables salespeople and engineers to be much more efficient. They’re more self-supportive because they don’t need to make repeated phone calls or perform time-consuming research to determine and propose the right solution for the client.”
Carter Burke, Director Solution Sales Engineering Team,
TerraWave Solutions
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 “DesignXpert has raised the confidence level of the Sales team — they now know we can deliver proposals much quicker and with a much higher level of accuracy.”

Martin Rix
Division Manager: UNS Pre-Sales
Business Connexion (BCX)

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“After our real-world experiences and results, I’m convinced that no other product available in the marketplace performs as well as DesignXpert.”

Talal Sabih,
Technical Sales Team Manager and Networking Product Manager
Emirates Computers

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"To say we have increased our staff productivity is an understatement. We have seen an exponential increase in productivity where speed and accuracy are of the essence."

Robert Snook
President, CEO, Principal Consultant 

Phalanx Internetworking
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"DesignXpert has been instrumental in helping IPLogic take a more strategic, customer-centric approach to selling and design value-based solutions that better meet our customer's needs."
Chris Gaito, VP,
Professional Services, IPLogic

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"We are not aware of another tool that has the functionality of DesignXpert™.  Midwave has grown our Cisco business 90% over the last 12 months ..."

Bob Krocak,
VP of Partner Alliances, Midwave
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"With the same amount of resources, we now handle many more opportunities in the same time frame using DesignXpert."
Chris Gaito, VP,
Professional Services, IPLogic

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"DesignXpert is the leader in design tools. It is a multi-vendor tool ... which can help build best-of-breed solutions."
Phillip Fischer
National Account Manager, APC

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“With DesignXpert we generate an almost instantaneous quote and bill of materials.  Faster response means a faster sales cycle.”

Chris McKewon
Chief Technology Officer
Valcros Communications, Inc.

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“When a carrier provisions VoIP on a massive scale, the devil lies very much in the contractual details.”  In this case study featured in the August 2007 issue of VON Magazine, see how Orange Business Services uses DesignXpert and Enterprise AutoDiscovery feature to increase network sales as much as 20%.


“DesignXpert is like another engineer working alongside you, helping to design a network quickly, accurately, on time, and without waste. I highly recommend DesignXpert for on-time performance of complicated network designs. In fact, I like the product so much, we use DesignXpertat Tripp Lite for our own designs and quotations.”

Dave Lund
Vice President, National Accounts,
Tripp Lite

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“I wish we had found Netformx sooner, because it is a much easier way to quote projects. DesignXpert saves many steps in the quoting process, which is a great advantage and makes us more competitive.”
Paul Griswold
President and CEO
Finger Lakes Technologies Group

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"Netformx Advisor technology guides customers through a complete configuration, asking needs-based questions and enabling them to properly configure ADTRAN products without having to know all the specifics."
David J. Dodd, Director, Systems Engineering & Training
ADTRAN Enterprise Networks Division

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"DesignXpert from Netformx is a high value tool that has turned multiple pre-sales steps into a streamlined and rapid process, expediting our proposal turnaround, ensuring our designs are accurate and impressing our customers with a high level of professionalism."
Jeff Pitts, President
Mountain West Telecom

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"Using Netformx DesignXpert, we are able to deliver comprehensive reports that help our customers understand what we did and what we propose to do."
Stefan Van den Steen, Network & System Integration Product Manager,
"FNS is excited to work with Netformx to address the growing complexity of successfully deploying IP communications systems in the government sector. Netformx brings best of breed industry domain technologies, adding to our arsenal of hardware, software and services solutions."
Doug Chesler, President
Federal Network Services, Inc.

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"DesignXpert covers all of our network design needs, from drawing diagrams to design validation to quoting. The Netformx library even provides a complete and up-to-date list of all the networking products we use and their prices. I don’t know of any other tool that can perform all these tasks — and DesignXpert does them all well."
Szilard Veresegyhazy, NSG Manager
HP Network Solution Group, Hungary

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"Netformx empowers Dimension Data to deliver excellent quality of work to our customers including the presentation of the quotation and the schematic drawing...
We have won a lot of customers and each time the drawing from DesignXpert was a reference."
Bernard Kursner, Technical Services Manager,
Dimension Data Switzerland
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"I like DesignXpert because it enables me to take the design from the conceptual stage all the way to the final implementation as-built documentation."
Joe Plunk, CCIE

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"With Netformx, at the end of the day I spend less time producing better work, with more accuracy and more information about the network. We evaluated five different products before we settled on Netformx. DesignXpert is the best network architecture product on the market."
Bryan Payne, Sr. Network Engineer
AT&T Business

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"We selected Netformx because the company and its products met our needs in a number of vital areas. Not only did they have the most robust and detailed database and software tool set that represents the absolute 'best-of-breed' available in the market today, but also the company was dedicated to making sure that all of our requirements were met. They have been dynamically and proactively involved in each phase of our implementation."
Howard Owens, Area Manager
Engineering Processes for ATT, Inc.

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"The Netformx® Guided Selling System (GSS) provides our customers with the ability — right at their fingertips — to select, configure, validate, and purchase network integration equipment. All they need is a Web browser and they have access to all our products, and the tools to put them together correctly."
Project Director, Business Mechanization Division,
A Top 10 Telecommunications Firm

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"DesignXpert from Netformx drives return business by enabling us to provide a quick turnaround, highly accurate designs and competitive pricing. The end result is our customers keep coming back to us."

Karl Heinzelmann,
Global VP Professional Services
Orange Business Services

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