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The Netformx Collection Engine for Remote Discoveries - To Release May 31

The new Netformx Collection Engine will be included in all editions of Netformx DesignXpert starting on May 31.  It will simplify performing a network discovery at a remote customer location, eliminate firewall challenges and more. Just download the slim, ready-to-use Collection Engine application from Netformx DesignXpert® via the Netformx Hub. Email or send the application file to your customer so they can run the discovery. Once the collection process is complete they can email the encrypted results file to you for analysis enabling you to get the network discovery results without ever leaving the office.

The Netformx Collection Engine is a standalone network discovery application that audits a customer's network and provides insights on technology upgrade, replacement, and enhancement opportunities. It identifies topology, equipment, and configuration data as well as end of life, end of support, and resource gaps. Users can audit and discover multi-vendor networks to accurately baseline a customer’s technology in minutes.

As a DesignXpert user, there is no restriction on the number of Collection Engines you can generate. Feel free to leave the Collection Engine with your customer for subsequent assessments.  The only requirement to use the Collection Engine is to have a version of DesignXpert and be onboarded to the Hub.  See details below about the process to get onboarded if you haven’t already done so and run the Updater on May 31.


Netformx DesignXpert v17.3 - Released April 13

Netformx is excited about the DesignXpert v17.3. Our developers did a lot of spring cleaning deep inside the guts of DesignXpert and tossed out old code, and incorporated new.

DesignXpert application infrastructure improvements include:

  • Support for Windows 10: DesignXpert now supports Window 10.
  • Less Wait Time:  DesignXpert responds up to 30% faster, when first launching the application and when opening the first configuration window after placing SKUs on the design canvas.
  • Greater Consistency:  Expanded uniformity for all windows behaviours including fully adjustable and resizable operational windows that remember previous settings
  • DesignXpert Updates Become More Agile:  DesignXpert will now be on an agile release schedule, with more frequent and smaller feature updates and upgrades tied to the Netformx Project Repository.  Keep your eyes open for more future update announcements.

DesignXpert features enhancements include:

  • Report Improvements:
    • Slight reformatting of the “Detailed Engineering” report template
    • Renaming of the “Detailed Engineering (CCW Estimate ID)” report name
    • Multivendor example included in the Import Equipment List template
  • Expanded Visibility to Hover Text:  You will now see a full display of Cisco Flag Text inside the Configuration Window
  • Control of Display Icons:  New User Option to Turn Off Flag Display Icons in Drawing Browser
  • Ongoing UI enhancements:  Continued enhancements to the User Interface (UI) - Phase I
    • Single Click on Flag Icon in the Drawing Browser Triggers the Design Canvas to behave like a single click on drawing name
    • More consistent look & feel for all user activities
    • A complete renovation of the columnar display settings for all user actions

If your update takes longer than 5 minute we recommend you visit the Hot Topics Page.

Our Customers Speak about v17.3:

Netformx has done it again!  With every release, the tool becomes easier to use and more beneficial.  From the integration of End of Sale announcements, to user interface improvements, the Netformx team listens to the requests of its users and actually makes them happen! 

Chris Kardos, Solutions Architect, Atrion

RELEASE NOTES: Click Here for DesignXpert v17.3 Release Notes

  • Release Notes
  • Installation Instructions
  • Technical Requirements

Netformx DesignXpert v17.2 - Released December 20, 2015

The following highlights are included with the Netformx DesignXpert v17.2 update.  DesignXpert v17.2 includes the start of a major functional enhancement providing the ability for a single Project to span multiple Install Countries.  This upgrade also includes many user improvements and enhancements to make DesignXpert easier to use.

  • Progressive Support for Multi Location:  Multi location support has started with Phase I being completed.  Functions now available include:
    • New DesignXpert Address Book
    • Address Definitions – Sold to / Install to / Bill to / Ship to
    • Create & Assign Addresses as Locations to Drawing & Sub-Drawing
    • Single Price List Handling Mechanics
  • Better Visibility to Promotion Options: The DeviceXchange GUI  now displays product VIP% & DAP%
  • Improved CCW Integration: v17.2 has improved CCW integration for:
    • CCW XML Import / Export
    • Ability to Import CCW Notes & Export DesignXpert Notes to CCW
    • Now tracking and exposing last upload to CCW tracking date
  • Simplified GUI Operations:  The DesignXpert GUI enhancements include:
    • The ability to enable the Assembly View as the default configuration dialog for Cisco
    • Improved copy/paste operations throughout the application
    • Right-click Validate button has been re-enabled
    • Improvements to Validation process and Cancel large-scale Validations is now enabled
  • Enhanced Reports: A User option has been added to control the report template when using the ‘Quote’ option inside the Cisco Configuration window
  • Enriched Netformx Ecosystem:  Improvements have been made to allow for:
    • More Netformx Hub optimizations
    • User Notification on License Nearing Expiration (WIP)
  • Generalized API Improvements: These improvements were made  for Professional Services Engagement (PSO) Customers

RELEASE NOTES: Click Here for DesignXpert v17.2 Release Notes

  • Release Notes
  • Installation Instructions
  • Technical Requirements


Netformx DesignXpert v17.1 - Released September 8, 2015

Netformx DesignXpert v17.1 released on 8-September. DesignXpert v17.1 includes alignment improvements with CCW in regards to Technical Service and enables you to generate single item BoM reports from within the Cisco equipment configuration window.  We’ve improved Network Discovery operations and have updated the communications with the Cisco SMART Advisor (CSA) portal.  The Search capability has been enhanced to filter out Remanufactured and EoL SKUs from your results in addition to improvements with the Export to Visio functionality.

  • Configuration Experience Enhancements
    • User control over explicit Start and End Dates for Subscriptions & Technical Services
    • Instant BoM Report Re-enabled
    • Automatic discount trigger for CCW Estimates
    • New Search Filter Controls (Refurbished & EoL)
  • Enhancements to Network Discovery
    • Wireless LAN Controllers-to-Wireless Access Points (SPR 79140) association (coming soon)
    • Multivendor enhancement via additional SMNP calls for Device ID, Port Count, Serial Number, and Port Number
    • Free Form Text added to CSA upload
    • Customer Address to Transactional ID Search
    • Expanded capabilities to discover F5 equipment – further identification for the Virtual Software implementation (coming soon)
  • Ongoing Clean-up and Enhancements
    • Export to Visio
    • Menu clean up

RELEASE NOTES: Click Here for DesignXpert v17.1 Release Notes

  • Release Notes
  • Installation Instructions
  • Technical Requirements

WATCH THE USER WEBINAR: DesignXpert v17.1 & Updater v16.0

NETFORMX UPDATER v16.0: Released on September 8, 2015
The fastest way for you to update is to make sure you are running the latest Netformx Updater.  When you launch DesignXpert you should see an Update button in the lower left corner of the splash screen with a count down time to update.  We encourage you to set your updater to Automatic updates now that the new version runs silently in the background and won't be disruptive to your daily work.

Netformx announces the new Updater v16.0 delivering a significantly streamlined and enhanced user experience.  Updater v16.0 user benefits include:

  • New Updater icon
  • Silent Updater self-updates
  • Completely redesigned user interface
  • Enhanced messaging during the update process
  • Top-to-bottom restructuring of the entire update architecture
  • Reduction in the consumption of system resources while updating
  • Freedom to use DesignXpert during content downloads and upgrades

More features are planned for future updater upgrades to enhance user experiences.

“The newly designed interface of the Netformx updater is simpler, cleaner and easier to use than ever.  The fact that you can continue working in Netformx while the system updates is a huge improvement.  This ensures the applications stays updated at all times and gives me the confidence that I’m working with the latest information available.  I’ve been a Netformx user for over 6 years and with every update, Netformx gets better and better.   Can’t wait to see what they come up with next!”

Chris Kardos, Solutions Architect, Atrion


Please review the two options below before updating.

  1. If your organization has been approved to use Updater 16.x CLICK HERE.
    (Note: The majority of customers are approved for this version, there are only a few with limitations due to customized versions of DesignXpert)
  2. If your organization has a customized version of DesignXpert we recommend you use Updater 15.x, until you have been internally approved to upgrade your Updater. CLICK HERE

Experiencing problems with upgrading the Updater?  Click the Hot Topics page for some answers.

Netformx DesignXpert v17.0 – Release June 17, 2015

Netformx DesignXpert v17.0 released June 17, 2015.  As part of this release we included some significant infrastructure enhancements that aid collaboration and more.  However, new infrastructure capabilities won’t be enabled just yet, so you will see some grayed out areas.  You will find major additional benefit when the new infrastructure is available.  In the meantime, below are some of the enhancements and upgrades you will be able to experience immediately with the new release.

  • Streamlined DesignXpert Operations– Increased Efficiencies
    • New Default Project Template Option setting
    • New Copy/Paste Option setting
  • Enhanced Design Capabilities & Advancements – Improved Ease of Use
    • Cisco Component Cloning
    • Copy/Paste Improvements
    • Introducing New Rack Functionality
  • CCW Enhancements & Alignments – Greater Accuracy
    • Technical Service Synchronization
    • Full support for CCW Dynamic Pricing
  • Improved Reports & Documentation – Better Tracking & Visibility
    • Multivendor and Cisco Enhancement to Product Availability Milestones
  • Netformx Discovery Enhancements – Ease of Operation
    • Cisco EoX Reports
  • Upgraded Cross Application Functionality – Visio Interoperability
    • Enhanced Scope control – multi-drawings now product multi-sheets
    • Now maintain layer integrity
    • Colors/Fonts/Transparency are translated consistently upon conversion

RELEASE NOTES: Click Here for DesignXpert v17.0 Release Notes

  • Release Notes
  • Installation Instructions
  • Technical Requirements

USER GUIDE:  Click Here for the DesignXpert v17.0 User Guide



Netformx DesignXpert Version 16.2 - Released February 9, 2015

Netformx is pleased to announce the release of DesignXpert v16.2, supporting full Cisco CCW Services alignment between DesignXpert and the CCW portal and more. We encourage you to visit and bookmark this DesignXpert Updates page for ongoing updates of DesignXpert.

Key features of DesignXpert v16.2 include:

  • Better alignment between DesignXpert and the CCW Portal; providing a new way of configuring Cisco Services in the DesignXpert CCW Configurator.  In addition to daily updates to the Cisco Services Catalog numbers, you will also have better Category alignment, and after an initial validation real-time status on the validity.  You will also experience significant time savings through the caching of validated services in projects when re-opening DesignXpert projects.
  • Simplified new project upload to the CCW Build&Price portal. You will be able to upload multiple devices in projects for a single CCW in addition to uploading multiple devices in multiple CCW uploads, and new visibility to a new Cisco Estimate display of attributes such as Access Key, Estimate ID etc.
  • Enhanced support for both Clear Subscription and Clear Services options within the Cisco CCW Configurator.
  • New support for the .XLTX (office 2010 and Office 2013) template for a DesignXpert report and a default summary report that can be set by the user.
  • Improved performance for the DesignXpert Configurator with reduced time from the 1st opening of a device by up to 10% on each additional opening.
  • Data center design capabilities with Cisco’s UCS-B and UCS-MINI systems that are available directly from the Netformx KnowledgeBase.  Users can search for the N20-Z0001 (UCS-B) and UCS-MINI-Z0001 (UCS-Mini) SKUs, place them into a Project, and directly incorporate them into their data center designs.

 RELEASE NOTES: Click here for Netformx DesignXpert Version 16.2

  • Release Notes
  • Installation Instructions
  • Technical Requirements

Netformx DesignXpert Version 16.1

Netformx DesignXpert v16.1 supports  full integration with the updated Cisco CCW ordering system (Build&Price), which launched in September 2014.  Build&Price introduces estimates, configurations (formerly ConfigSets), and the new ability to work with both.  You can upload BOMs as Build&Price estimates, place them into Build&Price deals, and/or continue using the previous iteration of Configurations [ConfigSets]. Additionally, you can choose to define Build&Price as the default ordering system in DesignXpert when your organization is ready to fully transition.  We encourage you to visit this page for ongoing updates of DesignXpert.

Key features of DesignXpert v16.1 include:

  • Complete control of your default ordering system; Build&Price estimates or CCW configurations – enabling you to prepare for and decide when your business is ready to convert to the new ordering system (Configurations will reach end-of-life in September 2015).
  • Easy access to Build&Price and configuration default names based on your project – making it easier for you to find the right estimate or configuration in order to move forward to quotes and orders from within the CCW portal.
  • Full estimate or configuration sharing capabilities from within DesignXpert, including control over Read/Write or Read only access – allowing you to determine whether or not shared users can make changes to the designs residing inside the CCW portal.
  • Conveniently search and open estimates and configurations residing inside your CCW portal directly from within DesignXpert – making it easier for users to jointly collaborate on end-customer networking opportunities and projects.
  • New control options enable SMARTnet contract durations of less than 12-months [for Build&Price only] – providing you with enhanced granular control when quoting and selling new equipment to end-customers with existing SMARTnet contracts and established end-dates (for example, co-terminated contracts).

Watch the User Webinar Video on DesignXpert v16.1 Features:

RELEASE NOTES: Click here for Netformx DesignXpert Version 16.1

  • Release Notes
  • Installation Instructions
  • Technical Requirements


Netformx DesignXpert Version 16.0 - September 15 Release

Deep Dive Video of DesignXpert 16.0

Update for the Netformx DesignXpert Version 16.0 - September 15.  Prior to updating pay attention to the readiness and technical requirements in order to be ready to properly upgrade.


There Is a prerequisite for .NET.  If you haven’t already updated to v16.0, please review the requirements and we recommend you read the full article for all the additional technical requirements.

  • DesignXpert still requires .NET 4.0 as a prerequisite to installation or update
  • In the event .NET 4.0 is installed on the computer
    • DesignXpert will not upgrade .NET to version 4.5 (as noted in the bottom bullet point below) 
    • The installer will continue the DesignXpert upgrade/installation process without interruption
  • In the event .NET 4.0 is not installed on the computer
    • DesignXpert will automatically install .NET 4.0
    • After installing .NET 4.0, the installer will continue the upgrade/installation process without interruption
  • In the event .NET 4.5 or 4.5.1 is installed on the computer
    • DesignXpert will upgrade to .NET 4.5.2
    • Please note: the installation package might force a reboot without pre-notification
    • After rebooting, the installer will continue without interruption


Installation Package Sizes

  • DesignXpert v16.0 Software ~300mb
  • Daily content updates ~5mb
  • New installation content ~500mb

Update Time for v16.0 – Download times are not expected to be any longer than normal, however you may want to set your Updater to manual if it makes sense for your schedule and connection.

  • DSL Line: 1 hour 31 minutes to update
  • T1 Line: 45 minutes to update
  • T3 Line: 1.5 minutes to update

Hardware Requirements

  • RAM Memory
    • Minimum: 2GB
    • Recommended: 4GB
    • For Best Performance: 6GB+
  • Hard Drive Space
    • Minimum: 6GB
    • Recommended: 8GB


Some of the New Features will include:

  • Integration of PartnerCentral’s PromotionXpert within DesignXpert – For customers onboarded with PartnerCentral and using PartnerCentral’s ability to track, manage, and organize the Partner’s Cisco activities and characteristics, DesignXpert will make intelligent suggestions for part alternates and/or promotion and incentive program replacements to help increase the Partner’s potential gross margin as early as possible during the initial design phase.
  • Easy access to Vendor Programs under the Pricing Tab – This new Pricing Tab section houses additional functionality options provided from PartnerCentral integration and is associated to the new Design-to-Profit feature with Cisco VIP Alternates.
  • Visibility of VIP Alternates with PromotionXpert – Controlled by the integration from PartnerCentral, DesignXpert presents the user with alternate VIP Rebate choices triggered by the SKUs the user places on the design canvas.  The new Design-to-Profit Object Browser panel enables granular control over viewing and making VIP alternate replacement choices.
  • Added control with the Multi Chassis Configurator (MCC) – MCC grants discrete control over SKUs commonly grouped together, such as Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) configurations, VCE VBlocks, EMC VSPEX, and other vendor bundles.  MCC enables the user to expose all the components comprised within the single vendor SKU, and make the individual elements available for the design layout requirements on the drawing canvas.  Using MCC, DesignXpert enriches the completeness of overall design diagrams and allows the DesignXpert user to construct a more accurate representation for customer-ready documents.
  • Ability to fully manage Service Duration Settings – The new enhanced control allows for the setting of monthly durations for Cisco SMARTnet inside the configuration window.  Starting with DesignXpert v16.0, all SMARTnet monthly duration settings automatically synchronize, making individual duration alignment of SMARTnet SKUs much easier.  You will no longer receive error messages indicating one or more of your SMARTnet durations is not equal.  Automatic synchronization eliminates the need to manually adjust each and every SMARTnet duration individually.  Simply pick the appropriate level of SMARTnet service per section required and set the duration when making the last SMARTnet choice.  The duration established for the very last SKU will automatically update all other SMARTnet SKUs within the configuration window.
  • Better formatted Options Window – A new layout will make it easier for the user to find and manage all various DesignXpert control features.
  • Daily content updates – The Netformx KnowledgeBase can now be updated on a daily basis with fresh content delivered to you each and every morning.  Updates will be scheduled Sunday through Thursday to coincide with the work week in Israel with publishes at the end of the work day Israeli time.  We recommend setting your Netformx Updater to Automatic in order to have the freshest content available.  If you need assistance with changing your Updater Settings, please reference the Netformx DesignXpert Technical Guide searching for the topic “Netformx Updater General Settings.

We recommend you continue to visit this page over the coming weeks until the release for more information.

Deep Dive Video of DesignXpert 16.0

RELEASE NOTES: Click here for Netformx DesignXpert Version 16.0

  • Release Notes
  • Installation Instructions
  • Technical Requirements


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