Cisco and Netformx:  Requirements-to-Order

Netformx DesignXpert Provides Major CCW Integration
Since June 24, 2013, with the release of Netformx DesignXpert v.15.3, Netformx has set the standard for intergation to CCW. Our ongoing integration aims to make it as easy as possible for Cisco partners to leverage Netformx solutions in conjunction with Cisco's ordering systems. Please refer to the Product Updates page and Cisco Partners page for more information.

Netformx DesignXpert Videos

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General Partnership Videos

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Update on CCW Integration


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Netformx and Cisco Deliver an End-to-End Requirements-to-Order Solution to Partners

To deliver a seamless, customer-centric buying experience for products and services across all available channels requires a comprehensive requirements-to-order solution. To that end, there is an ongoing partnership between Cisco and Netformx. Across Cisco Field Sales and Cisco Partners, Netformx is the preferred requirements-to-quote solution while Cisco Commerce Workspace – CCW is the preferred quote-to-order solution. Together, Netformx and Cisco combine to deliver an end-to-end requirements-to-order solution to our mutual Partners and Cisco Field Sales who design and sell Cisco products and services. This is why Cisco and Netformx have maintained a strong partnership for twelve years that continues to help Cisco and its Partners drive enterprise technology sales.

Netformx and Cisco

Over 6,000 Cisco Sales Engineers and Solutions Architects use Netformx Discovery™ to discover and assess existing networks and Netformx DesignXpert® to design, optimize, and cross-sell/up-sell Cisco products. For Cisco Partners, Netformx has become the standard for sharing designs between Cisco Field sales and Cisco’s distributors and resellers.

Cisco and Netformx Integration

With Cisco Field Sales and Cisco partners relying on Netformx solutions, Netformx continues to invest in integration to Cisco quoting and ordering systems. Cisco and Netformx have an established business-to-business integration and a joint task force working on near-term and long-term roadmaps to deliver the best user experience for Cisco Partners and Cisco Field sales. Today, the Netformx KnowledgeBase™ receives automated, weekly updates from Cisco to keep the catalog, validation rules and pricing information in lockstep with Cisco’s product lifecycle management. All designs generated by Netformx DesignXpert output Cisco Configuration Sets to enable seamless integration into Cisco’s quoting and ordering systems.
Netformx is also a charter partner for CCW, and is actively collaborating with Cisco on alpha testing. Netformx and Cisco have a shared plan of record for full support and continued integration between the Netformx family of products and CCW.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CCW Replacing Netformx DesignXpert?

No. CCW is replacing Cisco legacy configuration tools including Dynamic Configuration Tool (DCT), Cisco Ordering (OT), Multi-Line Configuration (MLC), Integrated Configuration Tool (ICT), and Order Status Tools (OST). CCW is an effort to upgrade Cisco’s Quoting and Ordering systems to provide an enhanced experience for Cisco Partners and Customers when ordering from Cisco. Netformx will be tightly integrated with CCW and continues to work with Cisco to enhance the capabilities, reduce the need for re-keying information, and eliminate manual processes.

Why Do I Need Netformx DesignXpert?

Netformx DesignXpert is the global leader in enterprise technology design and proposal generation. Netformx DesignXpert automates the end-to-end design process by enabling collaborative workflows and producing a validated architecture along with all the necessary customer-facing documents needed to win the business and create an order. Netformx DesignXpert is a graphically driven desktop-based application with an easy to use interface for designing solutions. Netformx DesignXpert will co-exist with CCW to provide Cisco Field Sales and Cisco Partners an integrated end-to-end requirements-to-order solution.

So Is the Cisco and Netformx Partnership Still Active?

Absolutely! Cisco and Netformx are committed to a continued partnership and working together to deliver the best possible experience for Cisco Field Sales and Cisco Partners. Cisco and Netformx continue to provide Cisco partners with versions of Netformx Discovery, Netformx UCS Advisor, and 90 day evaluations of Netformx DesignXpert free of charge.

What About Netformx UCS Advisor?

Netformx UCS Advisor continues to provide a desktop-based, rich canvas experience with offline capabilities for UCS designs and seamless upload to Cisco quoting and ordering systems. In addition, Netformx UCS Advisor integrates with Netformx DesignXpert for building complete and accurate proposals with everything needed to design-to-sell enterprise technology. Users can also leverage CCW for a web-based, online option, which can use Netformx-generated configurations for an end-to-end experience.

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