Netformx® Customers

No other company can claim the same widespread acceptance as Netformx in network design, quoting and guided selling software. 

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Netformx has over 2,680 customers in more than 144 countries.  Our customers include service providers, systems integrators, and equipment vendors

Our Customers

 The following is just a partial list of our customers . . .



Here is a sampling of what our customers are saying about Netformx:

Increase Productivity

“One of my main issues is that I can’t afford for my staff to spend a lot of time developing BOQs/BOMs (bills of quantity/materials) for customers, because we’re getting 30 to 40 of these requests every day. With DesignXpert, we’ve been able to cut a six-hour process, for example, down to about 30 minutes. And for simpler requests that used to take one hour, the process now takes about four or five minutes.”

Talal Sabih, Technical Sales Team Manager &
Networking Product Manager, Emirates Computers


Increase Revenue

“By playing an integral and collaborative role in the design process, in just four hours the customer had the final BOM and price. The final solution chosen was 40% more expensive than the original proposed BoM not including an additional $26,000 in highly profitable professional services.”

Chris Agnoli, Consulting Engineer, IPLogic


Eliminate Costly Mistakes

“The hardware vendor did some preliminary work and handed the job over to [us] for integration. I ran the design through DesignXpert and caught a configuration error… that saved AT&T from a $100,000 parts error, as well as at least another $100,000 in the time it would have taken to determine why the network was not working.”

Bryan Payne, Sr. Network Engineer, AT&T Business


Increase Customer Loyalty

“Netformx has enabled us to build a stronger relationship with our customer. We respond faster and more accurately, and consequently our customers come back and place more business with us.”

Karl Heinzelmann, Global VP of Professional Services
Orange Business Services


Shorten the Sales Cycle

“DesignXpert enables the OTC team to make rapid design changes, even while sitting in a customer’s conference room, letting the customer see the latest version right away, minimizing delay, and enabling the team to close deals fast. It is not just that I can work faster, it also impresses the customer and helps secure a customer win.”

Herb Bornack, Jr., Chief Technology Officer, Orlando Telco