Better Together

CCW and DesignXpert: Better Together!

Seamlessly aligned for better customer success with your designs!

DesignXpert has been enhanced with many innovations in 2017 and continues to be the platform of choice for Solution Architects and Designers who build configurations and feed them into Cisco’s Ordering System.

Netformx customers report, on average, a 50% reduction in the time it takes to build a valid configuration with DesignXpert (as compared with standalone CCW) and, therefore, gain competitive advantage by delivering proposals to their customers ahead of the competition.  DesignXpert continues to better align with CCW creating a seamless experience and making them "Better Together".

Our customers report that the Top 5 features DesignXpert brings to the design experience enabling them to achieve these results are:

  • Design by Diagram – DesignXpert allows the user to create valid configurations using images of the SKUs and leveraging AI at the Diagram Level
  • Design in Silos – for complex designs create Tabs in DesignXpert by Site, Location or Technology then merge them into a Project level for Upload to CCW
  • Design-in Private Content – add to the design your company’s unique services and content
  • Design with Re-use – Reference Architectures, Favorites and more
  • Design with Historical Data – look back in DesignXpert at previous work done for your client

Watch the Video!

Take 1 Minute to hear what Marshall has to say.  Marshall previously worked for a large solution provider using DesignXpert and CCW and now is the DesignXpert Product Manager.  He talks about how they are Better Together!

DesignXpert and CCW: Better Together

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