Ethics and Environmental Responsibility

Ethics and Environmental Responsibility

Netformx remains strong today and will continue to experience success and growth thru living by our code of ethics and being serious about environmental responsibility.

Living by Our Code of Ethics

Netformx has built a long-lasting business by helping our customers improve their ability to conduct their business. The foundation of our business remains strong today and will continue to deliver tremendous opportunities for our continued success and growth. Our success, past and future, is deeply rooted in our company values and it is up to each of us to challenge ourselves to continue to bring these values to life.

Netformx’s Code of Ethics and Business Standards (Code) is a foundation to guide us to a common set of ethics and standards for our behavior internally and externally. Dealing with change is not without challenges and dilemmas. The Code is here to help us ensure we stay the course and that our actions are consistent with its guidelines. All employees are subject to the same Code and resulting expectations.

The Netformx Core Values highlights the six pillars for our success across individuals and groups as well as our products and processes. Each element of the Code helps define key aspects of our Core Values and lend clarity to how best to adhere to their spirit.

We are excited at the growth potential ahead of us. It is our sincerest wish that all employees live by the Code and when necessary leverage it to drive our business ahead.

Netformx Is Serious about Environmental Responsibility

Climate change is a serious challenge requiring a comprehensive and global response from all sectors of society. Our goal is to reduce the impact of our operations and to be a leader in environmental responsibility. We are also committed to continue evolving our products to enable our customers to leverage Netformx solutions to design greener, more energy efficient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly networking and networks and data centers.

Netformx actively works to protect our natural resources and has environmental policies and practices aimed to conserve and sustain resources by doing the following:

  • Recycling. Netformx has a recycling program applicable in all offices and facilities.
  • Conservation. Netformx conserves natural resources by using recycled materials and supplies where possible.
  • Reduction. Netformx encourages employees to leverage technology in lieu of natural resources.
  • Waste disposal. Netformx reduces, and where possible, eliminates waste through source reduction and recycling programs.
  • Influential products. Netformx develops and markets products that encourage sustainability and carbon emission reduction.
  • Employee contribution. Netformx values employee contributions to our environmental initiatives and regularly seek to identify areas in which we can make further improvement.

Netformx Core Values

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