What to do if the PIT does not show Estimates

Some users report a problem where they do not see any information when they log into the Partner Incentive Tool.  Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Confirm your CCW Data Source
    Some users forget the Partner Incentive Tool works from your CCW repository of Estimates, as shown below. At this time, the PIT cannot analyze Deals or Quotes.
  2. Add the ‘Last Modified’ Column to your CCW Estimate Repository

    1. Inside your CCW Estimate display page:
      1. Select ‘Edit View,
      2. Choose ‘Last Modified,’
      3. Move it to the ‘Included Column’ menu, and
      4. Click ‘Save’ as shown below.
  3. Modify Your PIT Estimate Pool Depth
    1. The PIT Estimate display works from the CCW Estimate’s Last Modified date. If you do not see any Estimate lines displayed in the PIT, you might need to adjust the depth of your PIT Estimate pool by changing your view from 24H to 7- or 30-Days. Use the Custom Calendar widget to access Estimates with modified dates older than 30-days, as shown below.