What do I do at Netformx?

My job at Netformx gives me the opportunity to talk with a lot of IT Solution Providers that include customers, partners, and vendors. One thing that makes it exciting is I’m always learning about the business and process challenges our customers have, and thinking of how to connect the dots. This blog will be all about sharing these customer “What if I could…” dilemmas and discussing what we are doing at Netformx to solve them.

And who am I again?

I started out my career coding continuous process control solutions for film manufacturing (think instamatic cameras) and non-woven products like floppy diskette liners (certainly you remember those). Then I moved into submarine tracking systems at Moffett Field and eventually started developing e-commerce websites at startups with no business models (who clearly are no longer in business).

After enough time in the lab, I shifted into managing solution provider and vendor relationships. I got to manage some really talented Sales Engineers and Solution Architects who were solving complex multi-vendor solution configuration challenges. And that’s what finally brought me to Netformx.

Fine, what are some of my “what if” discoveries?

At Netformx our Ecosystem as a Service (ESaaS) strategy essentially provides a platform and set of applications focused on providing solutions for Sales Engineers and Solution Architects, Pre-Sales and Inside Sales personnel, Knowledge Engineers, and folks managing vendor programs.

When I explain this ESaaS solution to our customers and begin a dialog about integrating into their workflow, all sorts of questions come up that I’ll focus on answering in this blog. Things like:

  • What if I could do operational and pipeline reporting from a business perspective from my CRM system based on the designs that are being quoted?
  • What if I could pass the designs my Sales Engineers are creating into a pricing and quoting tool to do margin analysis and contract management?
  • What if I could analyze a BOM to see what alternate SKUs are available, or see if any higher margin SKUs can be substituted? Or find out when SKUs are scheduled to go end of life?
  • What if I could automate the value chain between me as a vendor and my solution providers and their distribution partners?
  • What if I could take a recent discovery of my customer’s network and then map those SKUs against the vendors’ end-of-life events to create a sales campaign to replace obsolete SKUs?
  • What if I could do a device discovery, collect the operating system software versions, and using vendor data, map known security vulnerabilities to those devices?

OK, you see where this is going. Stay tuned. We’ll do a deep dive on each of these “wouldn’t it be cool if I could do this” questions. Or maybe not. Tell me if we are on the right track and if we are discussing topics that interest you, or if other things are keeping you up at night that we should focus on . . .