Ittai Bareket

Chief Executive Officer

Under Ittai Bareket’s strategic leadership Netformx has become the leader in enterprise sales enablement and actionable business insights. Netformx accelerates solution provider profits with powerful business intelligence, actionable insights, collaboration, and automation that connect people, information, and processes throughout the enterprise sales lifecycle.

Netformx has over 2,000 service provider, systems integrator, and technology vendor customers in more than 120 countries. They rely on the company’s award-winning solutions to design and sell winning and implementable multivendor network, data center, managed, hosted and cloud solutions, while operating their businesses profitably.

Ittai joined Netformx in 2000 and had responsibility for sales, marketing, and operations before being appointed CEO in the summer of 2005. Previously he held positions at Mercury Interactive Corporation (now HP) including President of Mercury Interactive Japan K.K. and General Manager for Japan and Korea.

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Recent Public Speaking, Articles, Videos

Pipeline Magazine (January 3, 2017)

“Transformation and digitization: the impact on enterprise sales ”
A thought leadership article by Ittai Bareket, Netformx CEO

Over the last few years, competition and technology advances have led Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to undergo major transformations. Their networks are becoming virtualized and programmable. There is heightened focus on customer centricity, omni-channel experiences, and rapid and . . .

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TMC News (December 22, 2016)

“Netformx Helps Solution Providers to Increase Sales Proposal Profitability”
Rich Tehrani, TMC CEO Interviews Ittai Bareket, CEO of Netformx

Netformx CEO Ittai Bareket talks about how the channel is evolving. We are seeing growth in business transformation with movement more to As-a-Service and a consumption model.  The channel needs to provide solutions and services in addition to offering development services, helping with application deployment and to build more upon the infrastructure.  He recommends that Solution Providers need to focus more on business outcomes in order to stay competitive.  Ittai shares how Netformx is providing the tools to help Solution Providers deliver on the business outcomes their Enterprise customers are planning to achieve.

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Intercomms Magazine (October 24, 2016)

“Selling Business Outcomes, Not Boxes: How the Enterprise Transformation and Digitization is Impacting Solution Providers”
Intercomms interviews Ittai Bareket, Netformx, CEO
InterComms interviewed Ittai Bareket, Netformx CEO, to learn how the Internet of Things and other industry changes are forcing enterprises to Transform and Digitize, and the impact that is having on solution provider sales.

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ConnectWorld Magazine – Europe II (September 2, 2016)

“Powerful business insights increase profits across the enterprise technology sales lifecycle”
A Thought Leadership Article by Ittai Bareket, Netformx, CEO
Rampant complexity impacts profitability Communications service providers are hard-pressed these days to manage and monetize the growing complexity that is bombarding them from all directions. Customer expectations for rapid response have never been higher. Technologies are changing continually and . . .

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Intercomms Magazine (May 10, 2016)

“Turning Sales Excellence from a ‘Black Art’ into a Science”
Martin Creaner talks to Ittai Bareket, Netformx, CEO
Ittai believes that successful sales performance is based on four key enablers. Collaboration: All the people involved in the sales process need to constantly communicate and collaborate with each other to ensure that . . .

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Channel Partners (March 2016)

“Excerpts from a Two Part Article from Channel Partners”
Lorna Garey, Editor-in Chief at Channel Partners interviews Ittai Bareket, Netformx CEO

Download the PDF to review the highlights from both articles:
Part 1 – Netformx: Maximizing Partner Margins in Complex Programs
Part 2 – Netformx’s Bareket: ‘$200,000 in Rebates Fell Between the Cracks’

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Connect World – Global ITC Magazine (January 2016)

“Uncover hidden profits in the enterprise network sales process with business intelligence, analytics, and automation”
An article by Ittai Bareket, CEO, Netformx

Automated processes can improve profitability across the entire sales lifecycle: from the opportunity, to quote, to post-sale analysis and channel management. Collaboration can be achieved with orchestrated workflows and business insights gained from analyses – in real time – across internal and external applications and data sources. By visualizing analytics engine results in simple dashboard graphics, insights are gleaned quickly so action can be taken promptly to recover hidden revenues and margin that would otherwise be lost.

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TMC Editors Day in Santa Clara (November 14, 2015)

“Netformx View on Market Trends and Sales Enablement for Solution Providers”
Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC interviews Ittai Bareket, CEO of Netformx

Ittai talks about their sales enablement and profit acceleration solution. He covers some of the trends that Netformx is seeing in the Market.

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