Tina Morarity-Breunig

Director of Corporate Marketing

Tina Morarity-Breunig joined Netformx in January 2010 bringing over 25 years of marketing experience primarily in the telecommunications industry. Leveraging her experience in all aspects of marketing her focus is on driving awareness of the Netformx offerings through all aspects of marketing.

Prior to joining Netformx, Tina worked for the TM Forum as an event director managing their key global conferences with responsibility for everything from sales and marketing, to conference content, logistics and profit and loss margins. She brings a wealth of knowledge on marketing success indicators as well as key industry connections. Serving 10 years as an event director with Objective Systems Integrators she focused on driving the delivery of new products, marketing content and collateral delivery to increase event impact and awareness.

Tina holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business.

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