Netformx Gives Back

Netformx Gives Back

In addition to environmental responsibility, Netformx believes in social responsibility and charity.  We give back to our communities where we live and work.

Employee Contribution Matching

Netformx recognizes the importance of charitable nonprofit organizations. To support the work of these organizations, Netformx matches an employee’s contributions to qualified not-for-profit organizations that are social services, charitable or environmental organizations.

Volunteer Time-off Policy

Netformx offers a volunteer time-off policy. This Netformx philanthropic program is to support activities that enhance and serve communities in which we live and work and the issues that impact quality of life. The intention is to participate in giving back and supporting the community and to allow the employees of Netformx to share in that effort. Community is not defined as just local community, but may encompass the global community. Netformx encourages employees to consider donating up to 16 hours of paid time off per calendar year toward a 501c3 charitable organization or non-profit of their choice.

Charitable Work

Netformx has supported the InnVision Shelter Network, Sacred Heart Community Service, Operation Care and Comfort, Another Place

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