We wanted to provide a few reminders to ensure you are getting all the rewards you deserve:

  • VIP32 Second payment: July 2019. Claim payment within 90 days to avoid its expiration. Partners should assign their rebate coordinators in ‘Partner Self Service’ at www.cisco.com/go/pss
  • DNA Software activation Steps and Deadlines for VIP 32, 33:
    Each VIP Period needs to be validated via telemetry or PoP, that were submitted for review. Go to www.cisco.com/go/ppe. Partners have until the deadline to activate the eligible software and provide the PoP → 9 months at minimum.
  • Are you meeting your booking targets? Now is the time to see if there is any low hanging fruit to ensure you meet your targets before the close of VIP 33. ChannelXpert will flag where your minimum booking targets are not being met and provide you opportunities to meet those booking targets.