Automatically analyze your VIP rebates and gain insights on potential payouts

Virtually all partners know about Cisco® Value Incentive Program (VIP) rebates. Many accept their rebate checks without question. They often assume they received their full amount without validating the accuracy of the Cisco payout calculation. Others don’t maximize their full rebate potential because the list of VIP-eligible products and criteria are constantly changing.

Netformx VIP Calculator extends the power of the Netformx Partner Incentive Tool (PIT) Estimate analysis by enabling you to quickly determine your anticipated rebate amount (based on accurate SKU cost). It also provides you with definitive insights and analysis to ensure you are taking the best advantage of Cisco programs.

The Netformx VIP Calculator estimates your VIP rebates based on:

  • The cost structure of the SKUs set by selected promotions and incentives from the PIT
  • Your default partner and certification status settings
  • SKU alignment to VIP track and sub-track payment schedules
  • Architecture and annuity calculation breakdowns