Automate and Accelerate Processes Across the Entire IT Solution Sales Lifecycle

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Netformx enables IT solution providers to design and sell winning and implementable multivendor solutions, while operating their businesses profitably. Netformx accelerates solution provider profits by providing powerful business intelligence, actionable insights, collaboration, and automation that connect people, information, and processes. The result is increased competitiveness and productivity across the sales lifecycle.

Proof points:

  1. Profit increase of more than 1%
  2. Time-to-quote reduced 80%
  3. Time-to-market for new products, services
  4. Implementation errors reduced 99%
  5. Productivity increased 60-90%
  6. Financial benefits maximized from promotions, certifications, and partner management
The Netformx Ecosystem

The Netformx ecosystem enables Design, Sales, and Sales Operations users, with automated processes, to gain actionable insights through cooperating applications and shared data that are integrated across your company’s workflow, from opportunity to quote to post-sale analysis and channel management.

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