Netformx Digital Ecosystem as a Service (ESaaS)

The Netformx Digital ESaaS: An ecosystem as a service for IT Solution Providers to design, analyze, and sell IT offerings from pre- to post-sales to Enterprise customers, unlocking key customer and business insights.

The Netformx ESaaS provides added value through collaboration and prescriptive analytics. It enables Design, Sales, and Sales Operations users with automated processes to gain actionable insights through cooperating applications and shared data that are integrated across your company’s workflow.

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Netformx DesignXpert

DesignXpert®: Solution Architects and Sales Engineers can, with a single tool, create accurate proposals and validated designs and architectures that result in higher win rates and happier customers. Leveraging Netformx KnowledgeBase, users can design a solution using guided selling and requirements-based workflows. Comprehensive visualization capabilities enable users to refine and edit a solution to create a graphical representation of it without changing the underlying data. With Netformx Discovery™ they can quickly create a baseline and audit of a customer’s actual network and gain insights on technology upgrade, replacement, and enhancement opportunities. Netformx Discovery identifies topology, equipment, and configuration data as well as end of life, end of support, and resource gaps.

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Netformx SalesXpert

SalesXpert™: Pre-sales and Inside Sales can, with a single web-based tool, create complete end-customer solution configurations and accurate multivendor proposals, including sophisticated services, with a speed and ease that increases competitiveness. Following a simple workflow, they can select products and services from a variety of vendors or company-specific information, configure them accurately, and create a dynamic Bill of Materials that updates automatically in real-time as changes are made. Automatic validation and error correction is based on stored configuration rules maintained by KnowledgeXpert. SalesXpert works in tandem with and provides complementary functionality to DesignXpert.

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Netformx ChannelXpert

ChannelXpert™: Senior Management, Procurement, Deal Desk, and Finance can drive profitability with powerful business insights about the selling lifecycle that enable them to proactively manage their business and increase their profitability through clearer insight into their deals, sales, rebates, and discounts. An innovative analytics engine acts on consolidated data from internal and external sources to provide, in a single pane of glass, prescriptive, actionable insights on where to invest selling efforts, how to recover additional vendor rebates, and which deals require attention by the sales team. Users can automatically identify promotions and incentive programs that can be taken advantage of in order to optimize a solution’s profitability. Business intelligence provides rules-based validation of a partner’s profitability in relation to vendor programs, as well as validation of registered deals and vendor and distributor purchases. In addition, ChannelXpert enables tracking and notification of compliance regarding vendor certification and training requirements. The result is higher productivity, accuracy, and profitability.

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Netformx KnowledgeXpert

KnowledgeXpert™: Product Line Managers can efficiently incorporate and manage vendor- and company-specific solutions and services and distribute those in a timely fashion to Netformx applications. KnowledgeXpert’s simple and intuitive interface enables users to create, maintain, and update products, services, promotions, and replacements, as well as custom or private data elements in the KnowledgeBase.

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Professional Services

Netformx Professional Services can help you differentiate your proposals by incorporating your unique products, services, and best practices into Netformx solutions. From enforcing your business methodologies and including your unique services to uploading proposals to your third party tools, we offer the customization options you need to generate more wins. Netformx Professional Services include:

  • Custom Advisors
  • Systems Integration
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Partner Alliances

Maximize exposure of your company’s networking products, services and design rules to thousands of network design professionals representing hundreds of service providers, systems integrators and resellers throughout the world.

Often, a decision to use one manufacturer’s solutions over another literally hinges on the ability to quickly and easily access up to date product information. Populating the Netformx KnowledgeBase™ with your company’s information, presents your products, through the suite of Netformx solutions, in a way that virtually any network designer, from novice to the most experienced, can readily use.

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