Netformx ChannelXpert

Manage your business and optimize Cisco rebates from a single pane of glass

Netformx ChannelXpert enables Business Operations and Finance Managers to drive profitability by simplifying business management and maximizing Cisco partner program rebates and incentives. ChannelXpert enables this by providing a holistic view into your business and provides actionable insight to optimize your business—all on a single pane of glass.

Instead of spending hours or days gathering, aggregating, segmenting, and analyzing data from multiple Cisco and Distributor sources, ChannelXpert automatically does that for you. This data includes;

  • Cisco VIP and other rewards and discounts
  • Contracts, subscriptions, and maintenance renewals
  • Deal status
  • BOM and SKU analysis
  • Asset refresh opportunities
  • Direct and distributor purchases
  • Certifications and specializations
  • Payment status and audit

Through sophisticated analytics ChannelXpert turns that mass of data into business insights that neutralize risk, ensure compliance, and optimize profitability. Examples of these insights are;

  • Missed booking targets
  • Potential VIP challenges
  • To Be Shipped status and impact
  • Expired certifications and rebate impact
  • Expiring or overdue contract renewals
Key business value propositions delivered include:

Business Management

  • Make timely and effective business decisions with insightful information and analysis
  • Manage your Cisco business and maintain profitability as their strategy and programs evolve
  • Tighten relationships with your suppliers and distributors
  • Monitor your business performance and health with easy access to your data
  • Get world-class Netformx consulting to help align your business to Cisco’s strategic direction


  • Accelerate profits and increase program participation with automated partner and incentive program management
  • Improve profitability and margins by focusing on actionable analysis and insights, not manual data grinding


  • Quickly optimize, analyze, and track rewards, including areas you didn’t have time to manage before
  • Maintain program compliance and drive sales behavior with standard processes
  • Mitigate the risk of lost rebates with real-time monitoring, automated analysis, and time-sensitive alerts
  • Save time and be efficient as you manage your business

  • “Raw data and complex reports are a waste of time. Netformx ChannelXpert doesn’t just give me data— it provides simple graphics that tell me what I can do.”

    ---David Yarashus
    CTO, NetCraftsmen, LLC
  • “So far this has been a great investment. We have been able to drastically cut down the amount of time spent managing Cisco VIP and also have been able to obtain much more accurate reporting from ChannelXpert.”

    ---Angela Swenson
    Cisco Program Manager, Datalink
  • “With ChannelXpert reports and analytics we can now automatically optimize our BoMs to maximize our VIP rebates before we book an order. We can easily track, analyze, understand, and forecast our vendor reward status with easy-to-understand dashboards. We love it!”

    ---Adriana Loria Arroyo
    Corporate Alliances & Strategy Director, ITS InfoCom
  • “With a simple right-click Netformx ChannelXpert identifies relevant equipment alternates that would have taken 15-30 minutes to look up manually. Multiplying this by the number of devices in a design means a significant increase in productivity as well as accuracy.”

    ---Denise Donohue
    Senior Solutions Architect, NetCraftsmen, LLC