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ChannelXpert Features

With ChannelXpert, you can quickly understand, optimize, analyze, and track rewards, including areas you never managed at all because you lacked data or time. ChannelXpert automatically analyzes data from multiple sources and with actionable insights alerts you to potential situations that either invalidate or increase the rebate and tells you the steps to take. You can then have the ability to dispute relevant transactions with the vendor to ensure you get paid for all earned transactions. ChannelXpert makes the results and insights easy to obtain, leading to increased margins and profitability.

Rebate and Discount Management
ChannelXpert ensures all rebate-eligible deals are accounted for and highlights any issues that should be addressed to maximize rebate payment. Payout calculations, potential additional rebate dollar alerts, program registration validations, and deal and SKU analyses all simplify the management of programs and promotions while increasing profitability. Dashboard reports also enable the reseller to analyze their discounts in a variety of ways.

Certification and Training Requirements Compliance
ChannelXpert tracks certification and program compliance at company, program, and individual levels. This streamlines a laborious manual process and greatly reduces the possibility of missed incentives due to ineligibility or non-compliance.

Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
ChannelXpert presents purchasing data by distributor and technology supplier. This enables you to track your purchases from different sources and optimize future purchases to maximize incentives and profitability.

Deal Management
By tracking each opportunity you can increase successful program participation and eliminate disqualifications or reduced incentives. Behavioral enforcement is also simplified with drill-downs to see each sales representative’s actual registration and eligibility status.

Substitutions with Better Profitability
With ChannelXpert you can automatically identify promotions and incentive programs that will optimize project profitability. Each Bill of Materials line item is cross-referenced against user certifications and promotions eligibility to determine possible substitutions that yield better program participation.

Add-on Modules

ChannelXpert - Refresh-to-Accelerate
Upsell Opportunities Are Waiting for You

The Netformx ChannelXpert – Refresh-to-Accelerate (R2A) module makes it easy to identify upsell opportunities and to generate proposals based on your client’s installed base.

R2A analyzes End-of-X" (EOX) data, such as End-of-Sale, and presents the milestones in context-sensitive views that are tailored to executives, program managers, or salespeople. Filters can be applied based on, for example, specific EOX milestones, opportunity owner, sources, or status. The analysis highlights the resulting number of customers, orders, and SKUs, and the associated financial value of the opportunities.

A consolidated executive dashboard identifies the top potential prospects for upsell and conversion as well as the value of the potential opportunity and the estimated conversion value of SKU replacement.

The sales opportunities in your clients’ and prospects’ current networks are there — ready and waiting for you to benefit from them.

ChannelXpert - BOM Analyzer
Automatically Analyze BOMs to Identify Missed Opportunities to Increase Profitability

Netformx ChannelXpert – BOM Analyzer makes it easy to analyze your BOMs to assure that you are taking advantage of opportunities to increase margins and profitability–without taking years to gain the expertise or weeks to do the analysis.  Download the Datasheet

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  • “The benefits of using Netformx are easy to quantify and this helps me obtain budget approval for support or enhancements. I can easily document the increased productivity for our teams since we create error-free designs and implementations and eliminate costly reworking of them.”

    ---Michael Fitz
    Vice President of Solution Engineering and the Wireline Business Unit, Sprint
  • “The integration of vendor incentive promotions and programs into DesignXpert is enabling us to select alternate parts that meet our customers’ needs while at the same time increasing our potential profit margins. This has also increased our productivity since we can consider manufacturer promotions during the design phase rather than off-line after the order has been created.”

    ---Tom Christian
    Networking Presales Engineer, Sirius Computer Solutions
  • “The hardware vendor did some preliminary work and handed the job over to [us] for integration. I ran the design through DesignXpert and caught a configuration error… that saved AT&T from a $100,000 parts error, as well as at least another $100,000 in the time it would have taken to determine why the network was not working.”

    ---Bryan Payne
    Sr. Network Engineer, 
AT&T Business
  • “Validated BT WAN designs and proposals are created much faster and more accurately — and with fewer expert hours — than previously. This means the design process is not a bottleneck and existing staff can create more designs. Also, accurate designs and quotes support error-free implementations. The end result is an enhanced Customer Experience; more deals won, and reduced operating costs. The benefits exceeded our expectations.”

    ---Jason Peacock
    Business Operations Director, BT