Netformx DesignXpert®

Create accurate multi-vendor proposals and validated designs and architectures

Netformx DesignXpert is the global leader in enterprise technology design—including highly complex multi-vendor designs—and proposal generation. Accessed via desktop or cloud, DesignXpert streamlines the design process with its advanced graphics-based capabilities that make it easy to create detailed, rich graphical network drawings, designs, and schematics. DesignXpert provides seamless integration with Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) and with Visio®. Solutions baselined with your customer’s actual network, uploaded from Netformx Discovery™, enable rapid creation of accurate designs.

DesignXpert automatically enables you to stay current on the bewildering and rapidly evolving array of products, services, and complex vendor promotions. By presenting alternate SKUs that are eligible for rebate, entire organizations can readily take advantage of Partner promotions and incentives as they create designs. Designs are validated against the industry’s most complete Netformx KnowledgeBase™, freeing users from needing to understand exactly how to construct each element used in the design canvas. This ensures completed designs are accurate and can be deployed successfully the first time, eliminating costly configuration errors.

DesignXpert shields the user from the complexity of products, services, and vendor incentives so they can quickly deliver professional and personalized multi-vendor proposals (including design diagram, BOM, and SOW) that increase profitability and customer satisfaction.

With Netformx DesignXpert you can:

  • Increase sales productivity and win more deals by quickly delivering complete and accurate proposals
  • Scale your business profitably by increasing efficiency and standardizing on best practices
  • Increase profitability by incorporating vendor incentives during the design phase
  • Generate higher margins on every deal
  • Reduce design re-work and implementation errors with flawless deployments


  • “The benefits of using Netformx are easy to quantify and this helps me obtain budget approval for support or enhancements. I can easily document the increased productivity for our teams since we create error-free designs and implementations and eliminate costly reworking of them.”

    ---Michael Fitz
    Vice President of Solution Engineering and the Wireline Business Unit, Sprint
  • “The integration of vendor incentive promotions and programs into DesignXpert is enabling us to select alternate parts that meet our customers’ needs while at the same time increasing our potential profit margins. This has also increased our productivity since we can consider manufacturer promotions during the design phase rather than off-line after the order has been created.”

    ---Tom Christian
    Networking Presales Engineer, Sirius Computer Solutions
  • “The hardware vendor did some preliminary work and handed the job over to [us] for integration. I ran the design through DesignXpert and caught a configuration error… that saved AT&T from a $100,000 parts error, as well as at least another $100,000 in the time it would have taken to determine why the network was not working.”

    ---Bryan Payne
    Sr. Network Engineer, 
AT&T Business
  • “Validated BT WAN designs and proposals are created much faster and more accurately — and with fewer expert hours — than previously. This means the design process is not a bottleneck and existing staff can create more designs. Also, accurate designs and quotes support error-free implementations. The end result is an enhanced Customer Experience; more deals won, and reduced operating costs. The benefits exceeded our expectations.”

    ---Jason Peacock
    Business Operations Director, BT