DNA Analyzer

Netformx DNA Analyzer

Simplify Cisco DNA voucher incentive management to increase profitability

Cisco’s voucher program gives solution providers “quick start” financial vouchers for their Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) deals. While Cisco DNA vouchers provide significant financial benefit, they have complex applicability and processing rules such as thresholds, SKUs, and programs covered.

Designers and solution engineers may not know how to take advantage of the Cisco voucher incentive program or don’t have the time and resources to plow through DNA materials to unravel the complexity. As a result, incentives that would increase margins are missed.

Netformx worked closely with Cisco’s global DNA team to provide a better partner experience that simplifies how you identify and track DNA vouchers at the very earliest stage in the CCW Estimate and quote process.

Netformx DNA Analyzer makes it easy to analyze Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) Estimates and quotes for voucher eligibility and action. So, Cisco Partners can quickly identify DNA details from inside CCW estimates and quotes. The DNA Analyzer automatically checks eligibility, identifies voucher opportunities, and even calculates your total VIP, DNA, and kicker returns.

Netformx DNA Analyzer collects partner estimates and quotes from Cisco in real-time, incorporates Cisco program information, and provides powerful correlation and analyses in a single pane of glass. DNA Analyzer automatically points partners in the right direction to see what SKUs are DNA-eligible (and also VIP-eligible) and what uplifts might be available. Voucher program information, including eligibility and how to claim a voucher, is also available at the click of a mouse.

Netformx DNA Analyzer is a complimentary SaaS offering for all Cisco Partners.

With Netformx DNA Analyzer you can:

  • Save time and increase profitability with simplified Cisco DNA program management
  • Assure that you are taking advantage of Cisco DNA opportunities to increase margins and profitability
  • See what actions you should take to increase margins
  • Access drill-down details by SKU