Netformx KnowledgeXpert

Simplify Content Management While Increasing Productivity

As a product line manager, you are challenged to efficiently incorporate and manage vendor- and company-specific content, such as higher profit services, and distribute it in a timely fashion to your runtime application users. Technology vendors want to quickly provide updated and accurate product catalog content to their distributors and system integrators. And distributors, service providers, and systems integrators want to have a single online content management system that they can control, that includes catalogs from multiple vendors as well as their own price lists and other information. Accurate and timely content is a critical enabler for your company’s success.

Netformx KnowledgeXpert Enables You to Manage the Content You Need With Speed and Efficiency

Netformx KnowledgeXpert meets the needs of technology vendors as well as distributors, service providers, and systems integrators. It enables vendors to create catalogs including product construction rules and suggested pricing. Service providers, systems integrators, and distributors use KnowledgeXpert as an online interactive content management system that provides complete multivendor catalog management capabilities. In addition, with KnowledgeXpert you can add your own reference part numbers, professional services content, attributes, and rules. With its simple and intuitive interface you can easily and quickly create, update, test, and then distribute content based on your own schedule, as well as manage content privacy and quality.

KnowledgeXpert Features

  • Fast Time-to-market for Full Catalogs and Updates
  • Multivendor Catalog
  • Private Content Management
  • High Quality Content, Standardization, and Efficiency
Next Steps
  • “We selected Netformx because the company and its products met our needs in a number of vital areas. Not only did they have the most robust and detailed database and software tool set that represents the absolute ‘best-of-breed’ available in the market today, but also the company was dedicated to making sure that all of our requirements were met. They have been dynamically and proactively involved in each phase of our implementation.”

    ---Howard Owens
    Area Manager, Engineering Processes for ATT, Inc
  • “Netformx ChannelXpert has enabled us to take full advantage of vendor incentive programs by automating our manual processes and identifying opportunities we would never have been aware of.”

    ---David Yarashus
    CTO, NetCraftsmen, LLC
  • “As part of the Netformx DesignXpert solution resellers can easily and efficiently incorporate EMC Isilon scale out NAS as they look to configure IT environments.”

    ---Sam Grocott
    Vice President of Marketing and Product Management, EMC Isilon
  • “The availability of Netformx Discovery in Smart Net Total Care enables our customers to be more proactive, aware, and self-sufficient. By running a discovery they can understand important facts about their networks such as product lifecycle information, the status and health of their equipment, and revision status. This enables them to resolve problems faster, reduce risk, and increase their operational efficiency.”

    ---Mike Friday
    Director, Product Management Smart Service Software, Cisco