Lifecycle Services Tool

Netformx Lifecycle Services Tool

Automatically include professional services costs in estimates

Netformx Lifecycle Services Tool enables you to quickly estimate and manipulate professional services costs and incorporate them into Bills of Materials or Estimates. Instead of just quoting routing and switching hardware, you can include the cost to install the devices and then manage the complete cost structure.

The Lifecycle Services Tool maps estimates of required professional services tasks to hardware and software SKUs. Proven algorithms make it easy to assign, for example, service roles, resources, hours, and rates to each SKU, plus costs (such as travel) and currencies for the project. The Tool comes with default values, but you have the flexibility to create your own defaults or modify values for individual estimates.

The hardware SKU cost structures are automatically created by the Netformx Partner Incentive Tool (PIT), which analyzes all Cisco promotions, incentives, and other profit rewards that apply to a Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) Estimate. Because they are linked, the cost structures created by PIT are immediately available to the Lifecycle Services Tool.

The Partner Incentive Tool summary of the estimate then includes Products, Subscriptions, and Services, as well as the extended list price, analyzed discount percent and amount, and the resulting extended analyzed price. Drilldowns are also provided to individual line items. You can then test various scenarios by modifying discounts to meet your needs.

With Netformx Lifecycle Services Tool you can:

  • Provide your customer the project’s full cost, including installation and deployment, not just the hardware
  • Estimate and manipulate the cost of professional services
  • Move margin between hardware, software, and services
  • Enable and disable features to see impact on the estimate
  • Adjust professional services rates and parameters as appropriate for the project