The Netformx Hub

The Netformx Hub is the centerpiece of the Netformx Ecosystem and provides:

  • Integration
  • Collaboration
  • Business insights

The power of collaboration and orchestration

The Netformx Hub is the foundation of the architecture. This consolidated infrastructure orchestrates integration and coordinates workflows and analysis – in real time – across Netformx applications and content as well as with a larger ecosystem of vendor, distributor, and client systems (such as CRM).

The Netformx Hub generates business intelligence by leveraging data from those systems, such as certification status, procurement details, projects, CRM opportunity associations, and deal tracking characteristics. It enables multiple users as well as applications (Netformx and external) to work together by sharing a consistent set of enriched and secure data. By connecting people, information, and processes you can increase your productivity throughout the sales cycle.

With the Netformx Hub you can:

  • Increase productivity for your Design, Sales, and Sales Operations teams with automation, analytics, workflow integration, and shared data
  • Enable teams to collaborate on a common project
  • Integrate across your company’s workflow, from opportunity to quote to post-sale analysis and channel management
  • Seamlessly integrate with and other 3rd-party tools
  • Identify actionable insights in real time for competitive advantage using powerful business intelligence and analytics

Ecosystem Value
The Netformx Hub features:

  • A SaaS-based, secure, multitenancy environment
  • Consolidated infrastructure
  • Intelligent workspace
  • Coordinated workflows
  • Shared content from
    • Netformx applications
    • The Netformx KnowledgeBase™
    • Private services and product informaton
    • Vendor, distributor, and client systems