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Cisco and Netformx: Actionable Network Visibility Webinar

[Recorded June 21, 2016]
There is an overview recording and the full webinar for viewing. Cisco and Netformx experts share best practices and demonstrate how to:

  • Integrate the Netformx DesignXpert application with Smart Net Total Care
  • Manage network data discovery, collection, and uploads
  • Analyze the Cisco installed b
  • ase, contract, and relevant product alert data

Overview Video 7.32 Minutes

Image for 7 minute video

Full Video 49.18 Minutes

49 Minute SNTC Video Cover

Netformx Offers All Cisco Partners Free ChannelXpert-View for Intelligent Insights That Increase Profitability

SAN JOSE, CA—March 16, 2016Netformx®, the leader in sales enablement and profit acceleration platforms for IT solution providers announced today ChannelXpert-View, a new offer for all Cisco Partners that is available without charge. This offering is in response to Cisco’s focus at the Cisco Partner Summit held in early March promoting collaboration and increasing profitability for Partners. ChannelXpert-View helps Partners manage their business by tracking — in a single pane of glass — Cisco rebate and reward program adherence, eligibility, milestones, due dates, bookings, targets, risks, and more.

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Transitioning form Cisco’s CSApp to Partner Management Application (PMA) for Certification Management

We are excited about Cisco’s transition to Partner Management Application (PMA). It will allow us to provide even more data than ever before to help customers that are onboarded to ChannelXpert to further maximize their profitability. Cisco has now retired CSApp. Therefore, while we are migrating from CSApp to PMA, the certification data in ChannelXpert will not be updated from March 14 - 31, 2016. With our agile development capability, we are working quickly to migrate to PMA and should have it up and running in the next few weeks. The additional good news is that there will be no action required on your part for the transition. Should you have any questions or concerns in the interim, please contact your Account SE or

Not onboarded to ChannelXpert? If you would like to have a better transition from CSApp to leverage PMA data, contact your Account Manager or complete the form.

Netformx Discovery Powers Cisco's New Net Authenticate Assessment Service

Netformx Discovery supports Cisco Net Authenticate Assessment Service. With Netformx Discovery partners and customers can now audit and scan their networks in minutes to identify counterfeit and gray market hardware products.

The market for counterfeit IT products is a multi-billion-dollar business. A fraudulent or unlicensed product in a company’s network presents a significant risk and is not covered by Cisco warranty or Cisco SMARTnet support contracts. Unlicensed products may not have the most up-to-date software, leaving a company exposed to security risks and potentially out of compliance. This is critical to avoid, especially for government and financial organizations. Additionally the products may not perform to expected specifications.

The Cisco Net Authenticate Assessment Service uses Netformx Discovery to scan the network and proactively identify any components that are not genuine Cisco hardware products and those that were sourced from an unauthorized channel. This ensures the network’s compliance and security and that the company is getting the Cisco reliability, performance, and software support they expect.

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Netformx Discovery is Now Available to Cisco Smart Net Total Care Service Users

Netformx Discovery is the first partner to support Cisco Smart Net Total Care™. By utilizing the power of Netformx Discovery, users can now audit and discover their multi-vendor networks in minutes to gain insights on product lifecycle status, uncover potential security vulnerabilities, and receive guidance on technology upgrade, enhancement, and replacement opportunities. Netformx Discovery is a premier partner solution selected by Cisco to optimize the benefits of Smart Net Total Care Service for enterprise and commercial users.

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