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CloudLink Software Defined Storage Encryption is Now in the KnowledgeBase

CloudLink® is a leading provider of advanced data security and encryption management products. Enterprises and service providers trust CloudLink to secure mission-critical data and sensitive customer information in multi-tenant private, public and hybrid clouds.

CloudLink, along with Netformx is a part of the EMC VSPEX Ecosystem and is also included in the Netformx KnowledgeBase. Now you can include CloudLink SecureVSA offerings in your VSPEX designs. CloudLink SecureVSA is a software defined storage encryption solution designed to secure sensitive data in virtualized and multi-tenant cloud environments. It is delivered as a virtual storage appliance which can be deployed on a per-application and tenant basis, and provides a software encryption layer between virtualized applications and physical storage.

Cloudlink’s SecureVSA solution is available in the Platinum Edition of Netformx DesignXpert.

See the CloudLink User Webinar Video - from October 2014

Incorporating CloudLink SecureVSA Offerings in EMC VSPEX Designs

Tim Bramble, Director of Product Management at CloudLink talks about including their software-defined storage encryption in cloud proposals. CloudLink SecureVSA provides a software encryption layer between virtualized applications and physical storage. They will share how decoupling data encryption from physical storage, sensitive data can be secured without the IT cost and complexity of changing underlying infrastructures or modifying applications.

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Download the Slide Deck:  CloudLink SecureVSA for Netformx

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