Custom Content Services

Custom Content Services

Every network systems integrator and service provider is unique, and has its own information and business rules. Although all utilize “public” data, like the information contained in equipment vendor catalogs, every networking services company also has unique descriptions of engineering services, warranty information, company-specific connectivity policies, best practices or job costing guidelines. Proprietary service offerings such as MPLS and Managed Network Services are also a large part of a systems integrator or carrier offering. Netformx can work closely with you to ensure your customer-specific content is available in Netformx’s KnowledgeBase™. Specific business rules can be developed and stored in our rules-driven engine for use by only your employees. Accurate and up-to-date business rules may include:

  • Best practices (custom reports, pre-configured templates, DesignXpert® project templates, Microsoft Word and Excel templates, and anything else that embeds your company’s best practices)
  • Pricing rules and cost structures for equipment and services
  • Pricing rules and cost structure for materials (cables, racks, power supplies, etc.)
  • MPLS services (the specific set of services and rules that make up your company’s unique MPLS offering)
  • Managed Services (all the rules for managing customer equipment)
  • Implementation and configuration services (installation, start-up, tune-up, maintenance and other labor services, proprietary configuration rules)
  • Maintenance services
  • Warranty offerings

Custom content is developed for the KnowledgeBase automatically or with manual intervention, depending on the type of content. For example, Bills of Material and labor template reports for different customers or Netformx to the KnowledgeBase without any manual intervention can automatically add DesignXpert projects quite easily. The templates can be imported “as-is”. Other content requires more extensive development by Netformx. These may include rules for your unique MPLS service offering or rules to constrain the sell list that each network designer or sales rep sees for security-related or permission-setting purposes.

Netformx has worked with customers such as Sprint, Dimension Data and others to incorporate their custom content into the KnowledgeBase. Netformx will provide a comprehensive business requirements document (BRD) and partnership proposal to ensure that custom content is incorporated in a cost-effective and timely manner. Custom content is updated and securely downloaded to your Netformx product users on a regularly scheduled basis.

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