Professional Services

Professional Services

The Services You Need to Stand Out and Deliver Differentiated Proposals

Over 2,000 customers in more than 120 countries rely on Netformx’s collaborative requirements-to-order solutions to create and sell the information, communications, and technology solutions that power business. For customers who want to further customize their Netformx experience, we offer professional services to enable the rapid delivery of highly targeted proposals that are differentiated from the competition.

Netformx Professional Services can help you differentiate your proposals by incorporating your unique products, services, and best practices into Netformx solutions. From enforcing your business methodologies and including your unique services to uploading proposals to your third party tools, we offer the customization options you need to generate more wins.
Netformx Professional Services include:

  • Custom Advisors
  • Systems Integration
Netformx Custom Advisors: Step-by-Step Guided Selling to Increase Profits

A Netformx Custom Advisor is an automated, guided selling wizard created specifically for your company by combining the power of the Netformx KnowledgeBase™ with your unique products, services and business methodologies. Netformx will work with you to create a superior user experience that guides your employees through a well thought out process resulting in faster and more accurate designs.

To create a Netformx Custom Advisor, our Professional Services team first works with you to identify your needs. This includes importing your specific content into the Netformx KnowledgeBase™ and developing a repeatable update process to ensure your content stays current. This provides a single location for accessing both generally available content, such as the product information provided by equipment vendors, combined with your unique content, such as your services and products complete with pricing details. Next, Netformx can develop and automate your proprietary business and validation rules, which will help you reduce errors and proactively suggest alternatives to up-sell your end-customer while enforcing your pricing guidelines. Netformx can also develop tailored report templates and favorites to help you standardize across your entire company when using Netformx solutions.

By incorporating your unique portfolio of products, services and best practices into your collaborative requirements-to-order process, Netformx Custom Advisors provide:

  • Improved sales efficiency – Comprehensive automated solution enabling your sales teams to quickly access the latest products and services they need to create effective customer designs and proposals. As a result your teams can operate more efficiently and respond to customer requests faster while enforcing your policies and preferences.
  • Reduced cost of sale – Better sales enablement and accelerated sales processes by providing less experienced users with automated recommendations to generate accurate designs and proposals the first time. This can dramatically reduce training and mentoring costs.
  • Greater quote and proposal accuracy – Simplified processes driven by the right questions at the right time so your teams never forget to add a product or service to their proposals.
  • Increased profitability – Inclusive policy enforcement for adding services as part of every proposal, regardless of the user’s skill level. This ensures users always pull the most up-to-date pricing, job cost guidelines, and differentiated products/services information so quotes are complete and built to maximize profitability.
Netformx Systems Integration: Accelerate Delivery by Connecting Netformx with Your Internal Systems

Netformx Systems Integration facilitates the direct interfacing with your internal tools and systems to accelerate the delivery of solutions to your customers.
By connecting Netformx solutions with your in-house systems, such as enterprise resource platform (ERP), customer care management (CRM), order management, inventory management, and content management tools, you can streamline your collaborative sales-to-delivery process and generate revenues faster.

Netformx Systems Integration provides:

  • Increased sales process collaboration – Extend Netformx solutions to seamlessly combine with your existing tools to create a continuous workflow. This ensures improved collaboration between all internal and external sales touch points including customers, channel partners, sales, marketing, and engineering. By leveraging a continuous workflow, information is disseminated faster and the cost of training personnel is greatly reduced.

  • Rapid product scalability – Easily integrate between Netformx solutions and a multitude of external systems by relying on the knowledge and special tools available from Netformx consultants. Netformx has experience delivering integrations using a variety of technology and output options, including XML, Open APIs, web services, and common data transfer outputs, to enable straightforward integration with most systems. Netformx also has experience integrating to tools such as the Cisco Ordering Management System and legacy systems including the Nortel EC pricing suite.
  • Better visibility to sales forecasts – By connecting Netformx solutions to your sales and reporting systems, such as, management teams gain up-to-date and accurate visibility into current sales performance and future forecasts.
  • Faster product and service delivery and revenue generation - Using Integration, your sales team can take any approved proposal and place an order in your backend systems in seconds, without ever leaving the Netformx product in use. The result is responsive delivery to your customers and faster revenue generation for your business
Experienced Teams & Flexible Deployment Options to Rapidly Launch Your Project

The Netformx Professional Services organization offers a worldwide staff of experienced consultants and developers who have the extensive product knowledge necessary to rapidly deliver Netformx Custom Advisors and Systems Integration. Our team members have the breadth of skills and years of industry experience necessary to successfully take a project from the initial planning and development stage to prototyping, testing, integration, production, and beyond.
Our core Professional Services team includes:

  • Client services consultants – Netformx client services consultants work with you to design your custom solution. They gather your unique business requirements and develop the strategy to incorporate those products, services, and best practices into your Netformx solutions.
  • Professional Services developers – Netformx Professional Services developers execute upon the designs generated by consultants. They draw upon extensive Netformx product experience, deep technology knowledge, and advanced software development skills to quickly deliver your customized Netformx solution.

Netformx also offers flexible deployment options, packaging our services to meet your specific budget, location, and resource constraints. From ongoing consulting to one-time engagements, our team can scale up or down to meet your project goals.

Netformx Professional Services Team Delivers Proven Results

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  • “The benefits of using Netformx are easy to quantify and this helps me obtain budget approval for support or enhancements. I can easily document the increased productivity for our teams since we create error-free designs and implementations and eliminate costly reworking of them.”

    ---Michael Fitz
    Vice President of Solution Engineering and the Wireline Business Unit, Sprint
  • “The integration of vendor incentive promotions and programs into DesignXpert is enabling us to select alternate parts that meet our customers’ needs while at the same time increasing our potential profit margins. This has also increased our productivity since we can consider manufacturer promotions during the design phase rather than off-line after the order has been created.”

    ---Tom Christian
    Networking Presales Engineer, Sirius Computer Solutions
  • “The hardware vendor did some preliminary work and handed the job over to [us] for integration. I ran the design through DesignXpert and caught a configuration error… that saved AT&T from a $100,000 parts error, as well as at least another $100,000 in the time it would have taken to determine why the network was not working.”

    ---Bryan Payne
    Sr. Network Engineer, 
AT&T Business
  • “Validated BT WAN designs and proposals are created much faster and more accurately — and with fewer expert hours — than previously. This means the design process is not a bottleneck and existing staff can create more designs. Also, accurate designs and quotes support error-free implementations. The end result is an enhanced Customer Experience; more deals won, and reduced operating costs. The benefits exceeded our expectations.”

    ---Jason Peacock
    Business Operations Director, BT