Enterprise Transformation and Digitization

As I visit our solution provider customers around the world, they talk about the dramatic changes happening in the industry and the disrupting impact they are having on business. Things such as software-defined networks, virtualization, the Internet of Things (IoT), the mobile enterprise, and keeping it all secure. Those are some hot and pretty deep topics that deserve industry discussion.

The inauguration of the new Netformx website, we think, is the perfect opportunity to initiate a series of blogs that address the many issues solution providers are facing. Your active engagement on these topics will benefit us all. And let us know what topics you’d like to discuss.

Let’s start with how enterprise transformation and digitization is dictating that solution providers sell business outcomes, not boxes.

Selling Business Outcomes, not Boxes

Rapid changes in the industry are disrupting the status quo and forcing companies to Transform and Digitize (TND) to continue to be successful. Enterprises and their solution providers are becoming digital, more agile, and more customer-focused. The same holds true for enablement partners, like Netformx, and for vendors.

Instead of selling faster, more secure, or higher capacity boxes and network solutions, solution providers now need to focus on business outcomes, such as how to support an enterprise’s mobile workforce, how to enable IoT, or secure their base.

Sales can no longer go straight to network nuts and bolts. They need to:
• Understand their customers’ desired business outcomes
• Gather the requirements
• Translate them into architectures and successful implementations

This is a more complex sale than earlier network-based transitions, such as migrating enterprises to more profitable MPLS, where the solutions varied little from enterprise to enterprise and were driven by technical factors.

No Longer My Personal Sales Process

It is no longer viable for sales people or architects to “do their own thing.” Solution providers have no choice but to increase the efficiency of the pre-sales process if they are going to help their customers transform into digitized companies, manage increasing scale, and deliver results in a timely and cost effective manner. This means leveraging best practices and reference architectures and incorporating much more automation into the pre-sales process.

Design, Sales, and Sales Operations teams need to collaborate through cooperating applications and shared data that are integrated across the company’s workflow, from opportunity to quote to post-sale analysis and channel management.

Success and accelerated profits are realized when architectures and designs move quickly and profitably along the sales life cycle.

What’s Netformx Doing to Help?

TND is changing our mindset from designing complex networks toward enabling complex sales by providing tools that enable our customers to sell more effectively into their enterprise accounts. This means guiding their sales down the most profitable paths and identifying upsell opportunities.

Until recently, our customers used our applications in silos that didn’t communicate or work together. No longer. We are connecting our applications into an ecosystem that provides end-to-end sales workflow management, collaboration, business analytics, automation, integration, and shared data (a single source of the truth) across the entire sales life cycle.

We’ll talk more about this in future blogs.

How are you dealing with these challenges?