Service Providers

Solutions for Service Providers

Netformx solutions make your sales process more efficient. We make it easy to incorporate multivendor products into simple or complex designs, to incorporate your custom services, and to integrate with your existing systems. Quoting, design, and provisioning errors are reduced. Your teams become more productive and effective. Customer satisfaction and profitability, as well as competitiveness, are increased.

The Challenges

Service Providers must be efficient and accurate to be profitable. Large and small operators are dealing with increasingly complex network designs that incorporate network products and services from a broad and diverse range of vendors. Sales activities involve many types of tasks and specialists whose efforts need to be carefully managed to produce a viable, seamless customer deliverable. Moreover, service providers must reduce errors that cost money in all phases, especially the cost of rework and reordering during implementation.

Some of the key challenges include:
  • Increasing profitability and reducing costs
  • Efficient use of valuable design resources
  • Keeping pace with the latest information on network vendors’ products, services and design guidelines
  • Providing standard, centralized information and best practices to ensure design consistency
  • Identifying opportunities to provide value added services
  • Increasing collaboration across organizations
  • Maximizing payouts from vendor promotions and reward programs

The Solutions

Netformx offers Service Providers a suite of software solutions that enable you to:

  • Win more deals
  • Ensure what you sell can be implemented
  • Maximize profitability throughout the sales process

The Netformx Ecosystem includes innovative and powerful sales enablement solutions, integrated through the Netformx Hub, that:

  • Enable Service Providers to win and implement technology solutions while maximizing profitability
  • Increase profitability across the sales lifecycle: from opportunity to order to post-sale analysis and channel management
  • Connect people, information, and processes

Our applications are: