IT Solution Provider

Solutions for IT Solution Providers

The Netformx CPQ-for-IT application suite offers a simpler way to configure, design and sell simple and complex multi-vendor solutions with greater accuracy and speed, while improving profitability. Quoting, design, and provisioning errors are reduced and users can incorporate their higher margin custom services.

Our comprehensive KnowledgeBase and analytics tools allow users to manage and maximize benefits from Cisco partners programs and automatically identify risks and opportunities for up-sell and cross-sell. Netformx streamlines the opportunity-to-quote process through powerful business intelligence, actionable insights, collaboration and automation, resulting in better business outcomes.

Your Design, Sales, and Sales Operations teams become more productive and effective. Customer satisfaction and profitability, as well as competitiveness, are increased.

The Challenges

Whether you are a Technology Solution Provider, Systems Integrator, VAR, or Managed Service Provider, large or small you are most likely dealing with increasingly complex network designs that incorporate network products and services from a broad and diverse range of vendors. Some of the key challenges include:

  • Increasing profitability and reducing costs
  • Keeping pace with the latest information on network vendors’ products, services and design guidelines
  • Securing accurate baseline information about the customer’s existing network
  • Providing standard, centralized information and best practices to ensure design consistency
  • Identifying opportunities to provide value added services
  • Increasing collaboration across organizations
  • Keeping up with the complexity in the evolution of IT technology and employing the right skill sets
  • Maximizing payouts from vendor promotions and reward programs

The Solutions

Netformx offers a growing Application Suite of solutions that enable you to:

  • Win more deals
  • Ensure what you sell can be implemented
  • Maximize profitability throughout the sales process
  • Become a trusted advisor for years to come

The Netformx Application Suite includes innovative and powerful sales enablement solutions, integrated through the Netformx Hub. You can maximize profitability across the sales lifecycle from the opportunity-to-quote process through powerful business intelligence, actionable insights, collaboration and automation, resulting in better business outcomes.

The Netformx Application Suite includes:
Netformx Discovery

Solution Architects and Sales Engineers
Support assessment-led selling by auditing a customer's network and providing insights on technology upgrade, replacement, and enhancement opportunities.

Netformx DesignXpert

Solution Architects and Sales Engineers
Enable the creation of accurate proposals and validated designs and architectures that result in differentiated value propositions and higher margins.

Netformx Partner Incentive Tool

Cisco Partners Involved in the Sales Process
Help sales teams maximize profitability while selling Cisco by efficiently leveraging the promotions, incentives, and other profit rewards inside of CCW Estimates.

Netformx ChannelXpert

Senior Management, Procurement, Deal Desk, and Finance
Increase profitability through greater Cisco incentive program participation and tighter relationships with suppliers and distributors.

Netformx SalesXpert

Pre-Sales and Inside Sales
With a web-based tool, quickly and easily create complete accurate end-customer configurations and proposals.

Netformx KnowledgeXpert

Product Line Managers
Efficiently incorporate and manage vendor- and company specific solutions and services and distribute to Netformx applications.