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Netformx AssetXpert v1.5 - Released August 4, 2019

With the recent release of Netformx AssetXpert v1.5, this expanded self-service portal for Cisco Partners and their end-customers now not only easily organizes and manage SmartNet contracts it also supports software subscriptions and assets.

  • Assets can now be viewed in a contract view aggregated by a contract-asset hierarchy
  • New Cisco Cloud & SaaS data source was added for software subscriptions management
  • Assets are preserved that disappear from CCWR in the database (expiring, terminated etc.)
  • Replacement parts are suggested for equipment approaching End of Life
  • New Product lifecycle alerts
  • Resolution of Duplicate counts (e.g. Overdue with Active and/or Signed instances)

For questions, contact to learn more about these new features.