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October 31, 2019
Access to Netformx SaaS Solutions is being restored

We do apologize for this inconvenience. For some unexplained reason, on the evening of Oct. 30 (PT), Network Solutions (our domain registrar) removed all of our DNS records, which impacted customer and prospect reachability for all sites and apps.

Network Solutions’ support instructed us on the fix, which involves manually rekeying our DNS values and waiting on the Internet to promulgate our entries. Customer restoration of service now depends on the DNS record propagating throughout each service provider.

At this time some parts of the world now have access.  Over the next 12 hours our DNS servers will continue to sync worldwide whereby our sites will become available again.  However, if over the weekend you are not able to access the servers please reach out to

May 31, 2019
Internet Explorer is no longer supported in PIT v3.0

Internet Explorer version 11 contains outdated tooling, incompatible with the latest PIT 3.0 upgrade, and therefore Netformx advises any impacted Partners to immediately switch over to one of the other supported browsers when working in the PIT & MAT: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge.

May 8, 2019
Next Steps if you Receive an Upgrade Message in ChannelXpert

Some users who have current ChannelXpert licenses are receiving this upgrade message in error.  If you believe your ChannelXpert license has not expired there could be a browser caching issue.  We recommend clearing your browsing history and cookies or trying another browser.  However, if you continue to have any issues or questions contact

November 19, 2018
New CCW Upload Notification with Release of DesignXpert v18.7

Netformx added a verification process to check for periodic errors whereby some valid and configured Cisco SKUs residing inside the DesignXpert Project fail to upload successfully to the corresponding CCW Estimate. When that happens, the “ Configuration Confirmation” dialog box will warn the user to the situation by adding a red exclamation icon (!) prefacing the Estimate line details.  Read More


August 7, 2018
What to do if the PIT does not show Estimates

Some Netformx Partner Incentive Tool (PIT) users do not see any Estimates information after they login.  Click here for more details on the 3 simple steps below to resolve the issue.

  1. Confirm your CCW Data Source
  2. Add the ‘Last Modified’ Column to your CCW Estimate Repository
  3. Modify Your PIT Estimate Pool Depth

If you have other concerns, please contact


July 17, 2018
CCW Change May Cause an Error with Bill To Address

You may experience that your Cisco CCO ID programmed in DesignXpert & SalesXpert lacks a fully defined Bill To Address which is a Preference setting each user will now need to set up inside your CCW profile. Cisco recently updated many CCW security settings and policies and now requires a complete Bill To description inside your CCW Profile.

Click here for the steps to resolve the issue.

If you have other concerns, please contact