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Margin Analysis Tool v1.0 - Released November 12, 2018 

Free to PIT Users for 30 days

On November 12th Netformx released a new tool, Netformx Margin Analysis Tool (MAT), and version 2.0 of the Netformx Partner Incentive Tool (PIT) to help Partners benefit more systematically and efficiently from Cisco programs. The combined power of the MAT, and enhancements to the PIT will enable Cisco Partners to maximize the profitability of their sales through automation, financial analysis, and efficiency. Read the full press release.

NOTE: All Cisco Channel Partners in the United States and Latin America who have access to PIT can get started using the Margin Analysis Tool (MAT) free of charge for the first 30 days. You will see a new left-hand menu where you can toggle between the two applications. Keep an eye on this page for the upcoming webinars and training to help you better understand the Margin Analysis Tool.

The MAT provides an innovative, automated way for Cisco Partners to determine end-customer pricing and maximize their margins through accurate cost and sell margin analysis for Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) Estimates. PIT promotion and incentive “what-if” scenarios are cost inputs to the Margin Analysis Tool. By toggling between PIT & MAT, the user can make incentive decisions and then immediately see the impact on an opportunity’s margin. The user sees per-SKU and per-line promotion and incentive impacts as well as descriptions of all cost modifiers.

  • Margin analysis summary puts the bottom line up top. The Summary shows the top-line blended analysis of margin dollars and percentages. Detailed CCW breakdown analysis by category is performed for Products, Services, and Subscriptions and roll-ups executed for any price modifier and line-level changes.
  • Bulk modifier enables quick and accurate customer pricing. Use bulk/category and per-line price modifications, such as discount goals, margin floors, mark-up caps, and price targets to attain competitive profit margins given the cost-structure visibility provided by the PIT.
  • The user can see as much detail as they desire. Line-level details and granular controls are available to the user for drill-downs.

If you are interested in learning more about the Margin Analysis Tool (MAT) contact your customer success team or

TRAINING VIDEOS: There are now 8 new PIT videos and 1 new MAT video under each products Help section.  Look in the upper right corner of each tool for the  ? < Tutorials to access the short videos that range in length from 0:45 to 3:20 minutes.