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Partner Incentive Tool v2.0 - Released November 12, 2018 

Also Announcing the new Margin Analysis Tool - Free to PIT Users for 30 days

On November 12th Netformx released version 2.0 of the Netformx Partner Incentive Tool (PIT) and a new tool, Netformx Margin Analysis Tool (MAT), to help Partners benefit more systematically and efficiently from Cisco programs. The combined power of the MAT, and enhancements to the PIT will enable Cisco Partners to maximize the profitability of their sales through automation, financial analysis, and efficiency. Read the full press release.

NOTE: All Cisco Channel Partners in the United States and Latin America who have access to PIT can get started using the Margin Analysis Tool (MAT) free of charge for the first 30 days. You will see a new left-hand menu where you can toggle between the two applications.

TRAINING VIDEOS: There are now 8 new PIT videos and 1 new MAT video under each products Help section.  Look in the upper right corner of each tool for the  ? < Tutorials to access the short videos that range in length from 0:45 to 3:20 minutes.


  • New Offerings
    • Enhanced Promotion & Incentive Stacking Logic
    • Single Stack Appearance per Estimate Method
    • Discount Classification Breakdowns
    • Redesigned Promotion & Incentive User Control Options
    • Less Complex Analyze Experience
  • New Analyze Operation
    • Completely Revised Layout
    • A streamlined presentation of user options
    • All “Estimate Methods” Results Displayed
    • New PIT Logic: “Single Stack”
  • New Summary Review Screen
    • CCW Classification Alignment
    • Analysis Breakouts
    • Immediate Updates Based on User Control Actions
    • All summarized Cost Totals carry through to the Margin Analysis screens
  • Updating Cisco’s discount programs data
    • Adding New programs
    • Updating stacking scenario rules
    • Updating bundles rules
    • General update of all the programs
  • New Left-Pane Control Panel
    • Partner Incentive Tool -or-
    • Margin Analysis

If you are interested in learning more about the Margin Analysis Tool (MAT) contact your customer success team or sales@netformx.com.

The Partner Incentive Tool (PIT) has been evolving with more tools under the ? Menu

Partner Incentive Tool v1.3.5 

Training Tutorials are now available in the User Portal

The Partner Incentive Tool (PIT) has been evolving with more tools under the ? Menu.  With this minor release users will now have access to Tutorials on PIT to help get them ramped up for the most successful outcome.

  1. Look for the help features under "?"
  2. You will see the list of video tutorials to click on for a short training session.

Partner Incentive Tool v1.3 - Released July 3, 2018

Announcing Support for New Regions

Version 1.3 expands Promotions & Incentives coverage to the LatAm and Brazil theaters of operation. Based on your CCW corporate profile and Price List selections made inside CCW Estimates, the Partner Incentive Tool will recognize, adjust accordingly, and display the appropriate country-of-operation Promotion & Incentive information and calculations.

Changes to the AM Landing Page

Based on the new operating regions, we adjusted the main AM screen to improve user flow and accommodate the need to support multiple countries and currencies.

  • These changes include an updated Leave Feedback icon, which should make it easier to find on the screen.
  • A Country/Currency drop-down option allows Partners operating in LatAm, including Brazil to choose the country/currency used for the Summarization of Estimate information.
  • An Incentive Notification panel and Estimate line level icons now provide information on all, new, expired, and soon-to-expire Promotions & Incentives.
  • An Information column now shows the Shared state, red-dash or green-checkmark indicating Estimate Status, and visual indication of new/expiring/expired Promotions & Incentives.
  • A Calendar widget grants explicit start- and end-date control for the date range used when displaying modified Estimates on the main screen (further refinement to the depth of the Estimate pool).
  • Finally, the AM can trigger individual Estimates as active or non-active and use the All-or-Active control to respectively include or exclude Estimates from main screen display as well as summarization total contribution. Please note, non-active Estimates do not roll into any PM totals.

LatAm Partners, Including Brazil

The main Estimate screen will display a three-letter country notation to the right of the numerical value shown in the Extended List Price and Analyzed List Price columns. A mouse hover-over pop-up describes the Price List selected and active for the Estimate, and it controls the Promotion & Incentive stacks presented in the Analyze process as mandated by Cisco. Please note, the PM must set the exchange rate trigger for the AM Summary details to display correctly.

Partner Incentive Tool v1.2 - Released June 4, 2018

On June 4th, Netformx upgraded the Partner Incentive Tool (PIT) to release 1.2, which include several enhancements.

Release 1.2 expands promotion categorization and incentive handling to include customers with a preexisting Cisco customer contract (e.g., DSA in place), or when servicing the E-Rate Public market sector.

Release 1.2 improves Base Discount calculation accuracy by allowing you to define your specific product family discount schedules for DSA contracts and end-customers, or when purchasing equipment via your Distribution channel. A new feature called ‘Strike Out,’ permits you to eliminate discrete Promotions & Incentives not desired or needed, and in doing so, simplifies the display of the remaining Promotion & Incentive stacks permutations to only those you wish for consideration.

Here are the specifics on new controls inside the AM Analyze Screen:

  • Ability to define your “Distribution” Purchase Method pricing structures
    • Allows you to set your Cisco Distributor Discount values
    • Enables a more accurate Base Discount calculation when purchasing via Distribution
  • A new Estimate Method drop-down that lets you classify the in-flight business as
    • Regular: Shows all Promotions & Incentive Stack permutations
    • E-Rate: To define Educational opportunities and identify the Funding Year
    • DSA: When you have standing Cisco contract for an established customer
      • DSA Discount option to set agreed upon discount structures
      • Adjusts the base discount to reflect more accurate cost price calculations
        • Flip between Regular and DSA allows you to confirm if the DSA provides the best cost
        • Determine if a competing Partner can leverage Promotions & Incentives to undercut your DSA
  • A new facility to Strike-Out Promotions & Incentives
    • A new panel to display all the Promotion & Incentives available for an Estimate
    • An opportunity to remove irrelevant Promotions & Incentives for consideration
    • An ability to reinstate previously removed Promotions & Incentives

Training videos will be coming soon, so check back in.  In the meantime see some extra TIPs below.

Tips for Success

Price List Fix for US Partners

According to the Cisco folks who provide us with the Promotion & Incentive logic, US Partners must use Global Price List US Availability, and not Global Price List in US Dollars.  However, we know that Cisco Partners can select and work with either price list.  If the US Partner uses the Global Price List in US Dollars, they will experience the following and need to make Estimate-by-Estimate corrections.

Steps to resolve this condition:

  1. If you see this error message after you click Analyze
  2. Close the error message and hover your mouse over the blue USD verbiage to the right of the Extended List Price value on the line to expose the unsupported Global Price List in US Dollars used by the Estimate.
  3. Click "Open Estimate" on that line to view the Estimate inside CCW.
Comparing DSA and Regular Estimates at the Same Time
  1. On Browser Tab 1, log in to the Partner Incentive Tool
    1. Find the Estimate You want
    2. Click Analyze
    3. Make the Estimate Method selected is DSA
    4. Set your DSA Discount Schedule
    5. Right-click on the browser tab and select “Duplicate Tab”
  2. On the Second Browser Tab (Duplicate)
    1. Change the Estimate Method to Regular
    2. Check for Incentive Strikeouts
    3. Check for Strategic Replacements
    4. Check the Migration Incentive Program impact
    5. Select your Stack
    6. Compare the selected stack cost to the DSA comparison
Providing a Single User to Have Both AM and PM Access

Using the typical user registration process in our example "Adam" would first register for the Partner Incentive Tool.  He would enter his original email address (adam.marshall@amcomputing.com) and CCO ID of adammarshall. He will then have AM access only.

If Adam wants to have both AM and PM access, he must define a second unique Cisco CCO user ID tied back to a second (and different) corporate email address.  See the example below:

  1. AM PIT Registration
    Email address – adam.marshall@amcomputing.com
    CCO username – adammarshall
    CCO password – the password associated with CCO ID adammarshall
  2. PM PIT Registration
    New Email address – adam.marshall2@amcomputing.com
    New CCO username – adamarshall2
    New CCO password – the password associated with CCO ID adammarshall2