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ChannelXpert v3.0 Released October 27, 2019

Netformx continues to add more features and respond to customer requests for a better ChannelXpert user experience.

  • Redesigned Business Notifications to better inform users
  • Improved CSPP Attach Status report with an ‘Indirect Deals’ tab added. There is also a new “Bill To ID” column added to the grid
    • Users can now identify the spend each business contributes to their revenue and in some cases rebates.
  • Expanded "Last Updates" report adding a CCW-R section for enhanced gathering of data
  • Updated export for a better user experience when exporting CSPP Attach Status and CSPP Renewal Status

The last release added to the dashboard, introductory access to AssetXpert to manage contracts and renewals. Contact if you need assistance with setting up your top 5 customers in the portal.

ChannelXpert Update August 4, 2019 –
CCW-R Reports replaced with AssetXpert Access

Netformx continues to enhance the ChannelXpert user experience. Users will see that the CCW-R Reports have been replaced with a better dashboard which includes providing users with introductory access to AssetXpert to manage their contracts and renewals.

With this access, users can now:

  • Easily Manage SmartNet Contracts, Software & Subscriptions, and Cisco Assets
  • Identify Expired and Overdue SmartNet contracts
  • Track upcoming SmartNet and Software Subscription renewal windows
    • 30-day
    • 31- to 60-day
    • 61- to 90-day
  • Track Product Lifecycle Details to Ensure Non-Stop SmartNet Coverage
  • And more

Contact to learn more about this new access. Or, once inside AssetXpert visit the Help page at “?” and look under “Tutorials” for training videos to get you up and running.

ChannelXpert v2.7 - Released February 19, 2019

This release focuses on infrastructure changes that will simplify accessing your Netformx solutions.

  • Universal Netformx Login: ChannelXpert can now be accessed through a universal Netformx login page. This investment by Netformx offers an authenticated and streamlined user experience.
  • Single Sign-on (SSO): The universal login orchestrates access between multiple Netformx applications. Once users log in with the universal login, they are authenticated for all Netformx applications for which they have a subscription.
  • Changes in User Settings Area: As part of enhancing ChannelXpert’s security level, the “Users” tab was removed from user settings.

ChannelXpert v2.6.5 - Released November 26, 2018

Netformx continues to evolve ChannelXpert to meet the needs of our userbase. We have added several new features to the tool.

View by Country for easier management

Users can now add a country group selection on the Cisco Theatres that that they own. The set up will not roll up to a global view but by country for ease of management.

  1. Go to: Settings > User > Admin user:
    1. Settings:
    2. Update User Country Groups
    3. Country Rebate Analysis
New Actuals to Booking Targets View

We have created a new view that will show Rebate + Your Own Companies Targets to compare actuals against booking targets.

  1. Go to: VIP > Booking report update under Settings > Customer Data Entry
  2. Select: “Edit Selection” to add the numbers. This is all that is needed.
    1. Setting your Rebate Targets
    2. Edit Customer Data Entry
    3. VIP Rebate Summary
Added Actual Rebate in Partner Plus

As of last month Partner Plus partners actual rebates have turned to cash. Users can now have all the information in one place to drive pipeline and see actual rebates.

  1. Users will see in the control room:  “Actual Rewards” + a new report called “Partner Plus Actual Rewards”
  2. Click: Control room “Actual payments” or side menu under “Partner Plus Summary”
    1. Partner Plus Control Room View
    2. Partner Plus Summary