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ChannelXpert v2.7 - Released February 19, 2019

This release focuses on infrastructure changes that will simplify accessing your Netformx solutions.

  • Universal Netformx Login: ChannelXpert can now be accessed through a universal Netformx login page. This investment by Netformx offers an authenticated and streamlined user experience.
  • Single Sign-on (SSO): The universal login orchestrates access between multiple Netformx applications. Once users log in with the universal login, they are authenticated for all Netformx applications for which they have a subscription.
  • Changes in User Settings Area: As part of enhancing ChannelXpert’s security level, the “Users” tab was removed from user settings.

ChannelXpert v2.6.5 - Released November 26, 2018

Netformx continues to evolve ChannelXpert to meet the needs of our userbase. We have added several new features to the tool.

View by Country for easier management

Users can now add a country group selection on the Cisco Theatres that that they own. The set up will not roll up to a global view but by country for ease of management.

  1. Go to: Settings > User > Admin user:
    1. Settings:
    2. Update User Country Groups
    3. Country Rebate Analysis
New Actuals to Booking Targets View

We have created a new view that will show Rebate + Your Own Companies Targets to compare actuals against booking targets.

  1. Go to: VIP > Booking report update under Settings > Customer Data Entry
  2. Select: “Edit Selection” to add the numbers. This is all that is needed.
    1. Setting your Rebate Targets
    2. Edit Customer Data Entry
    3. VIP Rebate Summary
Added Actual Rebate in Partner Plus

As of last month Partner Plus partners actual rebates have turned to cash. Users can now have all the information in one place to drive pipeline and see actual rebates.

  1. Users will see in the control room:  “Actual Rewards” + a new report called “Partner Plus Actual Rewards”
  2. Click: Control room “Actual payments” or side menu under “Partner Plus Summary”
    1. Partner Plus Control Room View
    2. Partner Plus Summary

ChannelXpert v2.6.1 - Closing VIP 31 - Dates to know

The ChannelXpert v2.6.1 Release on July 9, 2018 will take care of some logic adjustments, terminology alignment, and provide a better customer experience.

VIP31 Important Program Information 


  • January 28, 2018 to July 28, 2018

Payout Dates

  • First payment: October 2018
  • Second payment: December 2018 (Claim payment within 90 days to avoid its expiration)

Booking/Shipping Deadlines

  • Shipment cut-off date: October 27, 2018
  • Q4 CSAT period ends: July 28, 2018 (PAL tool closed July 13, 2018)

Closing VIP 30 - Starting VIP 31 - Dates to know

VIP31 Important Program Information 

(ChannelXpert VIP 31 Data collection available first week of March 2018 or sooner)


  • January 28, 2018 to July 28, 2018
  • 6-month enrollment begins on January 28, 2018 and ends on March 9, 2018
  • 3-month enrollment begins on April 29, 2018 and ends on May 25, 2018

Specialization Retirement Update

  • Advanced Core & WAN Specialization
  • Advanced Unified Fabric Technology Specialization
  • Advanced Unified Access Specialization
  • Advanced Unified Computing Technology Specialization

Required Action

  • Partners must move from retiring specializations to the Advanced Enterprise Networks before July 28, 2018
    • Architecture Specialization in the Enterprise Networks subtrack and to the Advanced Data Center
    • Architecture Specialization in the Data Center and Data Center Annuity subtracks
VIP30 Important Information

Payout Dates

  • First payment: April 2018
  • Second payment: July 2018 (Claim payment within 90 days to avoid its expiration)

Booking/Shipping Deadlines

  • Booking Discrepancy Cases: All Booking Discrepancy cases must be received via CSC by March 2, 2018
  • Direct Orders: Must book* with Cisco by January 27, 2018 and be shipped before April 28, 2018
  • Standard Orders Placed Through Distribution: Product must ship and invoice from the distributor by January 25, 2018
  • CBN Orders Through Distribution: Order must book with Cisco by January 27, 2018 and be shipped before April 28, 2018
  • DSV Orders Through Distribution: Order must DSV book with Cisco by January 27, 2018 and must ship and invoice from the distributor by April 28, 2018

ChannelXpert v2.5 - Released December 11

Netformx has been hard at work to get aligned with new program and activities Cisco has planned for the first of the year.  Some of the items you will now see in ChannelXpert are a work in process with some features you can begin leveraging right away.  More value will be added to these new sections as Cisco solidifies more details.

      • Increased Specialization Insight: Learning Credit Monitoring & Status added to stay compliant with all of the changes! Credits are achieved by the partners sending their Cisco certified staff to events, webinars to collect points failure = non-compliance! More details to come, as Cisco adjusts the requirements.
      • Growth Incentive Program (GIP) Ready: Introduction on the Support for the upcoming GIP rebates in 2018! Growth rewarded by subtracks! Look for more details coming soon.
      • CCW-R Pipeline Ready: Introduction of the CCW-R monitoring and pipeline identification to collaborate and close before they are overdue! Moving to CCW-R from CSCC will be a breeze with our new feature. Look for more details coming soon.
      • Sales Trending Report Ready (Weekly Sales dashboard): Introduction of the Partner Sales, trending data on a weekly basis. All your Cisco purchases in one place to monitor your growth and add focus for your teams to drive more wins! This will help with comparing to GIP growth in the future releases. Look for more details coming soon.
      • Cisco DNA Monitoring for VIP 30: We have updated the Logic for the VIP 30 Cisco DNA Accelerators, Identification & monitoring feature under the "Vendor Programs Analytics" menu option, named "DNA Monitoring". You can access this for FREE starting today. Access it Now!

ChannelXpert v2.4 - Released February 27

Watch the April 27 Webinar

“Take 30 Minutes to Better Monetize IT Solution Proposals”

For anyone that interacts with CCW and cares about rebates, analytics, metrics, and delivering a winning proposal

We are excited about the major release of ChannelXpert v2.4 which brought significantly increased value to ChannelXpert users with an overhauled BOM Analyzer, better Rebate program insight, enhanced R2A features and much more.

      • Increased Specialization Insight:
        • Improved visibility into Partner risks in specializations and certifications
        • Enhanced ability to intelligently focus on deals with the most rebate risk
        • Better teamwork capabilities so you don’t have to rely on one individual to manage anymore
      • Redesigned BOM Analyzer:
        • Efficient bid views to check and balance your complex and standard bids in just 30 seconds!
        • Increased program tracking and insights for EOX, VIP rebates, Alternates, Promotions by SKU, New Cisco DNA program check, Cisco One replacements and % of service sold
        • Ability to better drive success with rebates, promotions and added insight
        • Consistent bid flow process that enables everyone to work smarter. Drives better behavior to minimize risks and ensure optimum choices are made
        • Improved visibility into the promotions available to your organization and region based on your Cisco credentials and certifications
      • Observe your Top Rebate Program and Trending:
        • Understand your performance and focus over the years
        • Insight into whether-or-not you are aligned to perform the same or better?
        • Ability to leverage organization intelligence and better forecast
      • Monitor your Partner Status:
        • New Partner Status ribbon in the ChannelXpert Control Room
        • Daily updates on your Gold Status
        • Reliable single view into Cisco CSAT Risk for Email, Status and Follow-up requirements and Low CSAT scores
      • Improved Vendor/ Distribution Dashboard:
        • Visibility into spend by Vendor, Distribution Partner, and Cisco Direct Spend
        • Consistent single-view of all spend from various Cisco tools
      • New Cisco “Ready for Partners” tool (Formally IBLM) upload capabilities for our Refresh-to-Accelerate (R2A) feature:
        • Ability to use Netformx Discovery Upload feature and populate your own Cisco Ready in Refresh-to-Accelerate (R2A)
        • Efficiently run your Cisco Ready data through R2A’s EOX milestone logic to uncover opportunities for upsell and replacement
        • Easier access to the Cisco Ready data found at without leaving ChannelXpert

ChannelXpert v2.3 adds improved navigation and more R2A features

The Netformx ChannelXpert v2.3 release focuses on improved navigation and features for a new module called Refresh to Accelerate (R2A) that is currently available on a complimentary basis for a limited time. R2A helps Partners identify and target revenue potential buried deep inside existing end-customer accounts.  R2A uses up to two years of past sales activity analysis, leverages details extracted from the Cisco Product Lifecycle Milestone data, and automatically directs Sales to explicit new opportunities for more meaningful discussions with the end-customer. The new offerings in this release include:

      • Refresh to Accelerate (R2A):
        • Executive Summary: The Executive Summary looks for EOX milestones (End of . . .) as identified in CCW and provides a view of the top potential prospects for upsell.  This view includes data for VIP27 and from past orders.  It could be an end of life SKU, Aging SKU, Obsolete, end of renewal, etc.  This consolidated view allows the executive to identify prospects by the various milestones.  The Executive Summary shows an overall view, identifying customers by dollar and percentage to encourage the opportunity management team within their organization to verify and convert. The opportunity management team will control the executive output using the “Opportunity Management” feature mentioned below.
        • Opportunity Management:  The interactive Opportunity Management feature shows the same features as the "Executive Summary", however, the user can control the opportunity in a more granular way.  The feature includes:
          • After assigning the opportunity to the actual owner within your organization, they can drill into the opportunity order lines for a review and manually verify the status of the opportunity determining if it is valid, has been converted, etc.
          • The opportunity owner can request on an opportunity basis if they want the report emailed to them, downloaded etc.
          • For further opportunity validation, we recommend using the “Netformx Discovery” upload function to verify what is present within the actual customer network against what was sold.  Learn more about Netformx Discovery and how you can use it for 100% network verification.
        • EOX Search:  The EOX Search has been developed to allow more users across your organization to benefit from the EOX experience.  Do you have a deal where you need to perform a sanity check on a specific SKU?  Run that SKU through our EOX search and get a status of the EOX Milestone.
      • New Navigation:  We have completely revised the navigation system in this release to simplify finding key reports and dashboards.  We worked closely with a number of customers and listened to their feedback to make meaningful adjustments.  Have a look and let us know what you think at

Your Next Step:  Log into ChannelXpert to review these new features.  Take advantage of the complimentary R2A access while it is available for a limited time.

Cisco Program Enrollment Deadlines

      • VIP 28: Enrollment Windows Re-Enrollment Required     
        Partners and PAMs should only use the Partner Program Enrollment tool to track enrollment status:

        • July 31, 2016—September 9, 2016 for 6 months
        • October 30, 2016—November 25, 2016 for 3 months
      • CSAT Survey Period
        Partners and PAMs can also use the Partner Access online (PAL) to track CSAT at:
        Gold, Premier - Maintain certification - Provide 30 (Gold), 10 (Premier) customer contacts/email addresses

        • Q2 CSAT period ends January 28, 2017
      • Ordering key dates
        • Direct Orders Must book* with Cisco by January 28, 2017 and be shipped before April 29, 2017
        • Standard Orders Placed Through Distribution Product must ship and invoice from the distributor by January 26, 2017
        • CBN Orders Through Distribution Order must book* with Cisco by January 28, 2017 and be shipped before April 29, 2017
      • Booking Discrepancy Cases - Deadlines and Payout Dates
        Partners should set their rebate coordinators in Partner Self Service at:

      • VIP27 Pay-out Dates
        If you qualify for payment but do not have your VIP Rebate Coordinator set up in PSS, you risk the expiry of your payments. For step-by step instructions, please go to
        Where required, remember also to submit the invoice for each VIP payment.

        • First payment: October 2016
        • Second payment: December 2016
        • Claim payment within 90 days to avoid it expiring

ChannelXpert v2.2 - Released June 6, 2016

The July 7 Webinar is available for viewing"Maximizing the ChannelXpert v2.2 Release – VIP27 Things to Know before the Period Close"

ChannelXpert v2.2 released on June 6, 2016 offering new reports and features:

      • Assure Trade-in credits are received. We have included a new feature for those who use 'Trade in credits' within their deals?  The new Cisco Proactive Asset Recovery (PAR) tool is included to aid in raising awareness of "trade in items" that require your action. Credits can be at risk of being taken away if you do not return your "trade in items" for the deals for which you have applied credit.  If not resolved, this could impact any discount your customers might be expecting.
      • Better CSPP monitoring and reporting options. Customers have requested we provide new reports and monitoring features to provide more actionable notifications to further secure CSPP rebate and revenue
        • Better view of your CSPP service deals. You can now share richer data and reports with your sales team to collaborate on service deals that will help them to reach CSPP targets.  You will be able to monitor revenue and identify new opportunities to convert or increase deals.  This feature is easy to use, by looking at the status “Renewed with GAP” and “Same Partner – Current Year”.  You can sort on this information and download for sharing or additional analysis.
        • Visibility to CSPP deals not “Covered” by Service. Users can now share and increase deals that have not been “Covered” by Service. These are there for the taking by managing and sharing the consolidated data with your teams to review and discuss directly with their customers eliminating the previous method of looking across multiple reports. This feature includes the ability to filter and download to excel.
      • Reports that make more sense.  After several customer recommendations on the order of some reports, we have revamped a number of reports to provide information in a more logical order. Let us know if you see other reports that could use adjustment as well. We ask that you keep the feedback coming!
      • Improved deal reporting status.  Leveraging CCW data collection capabilities we have made enhancements to the “Deal” report providing more status information.
      • Enhanced Messaging for New Features and Issues.  This new feature provides instant access to information you need to be more successful with ChannelXpert. Upon login, you will see details about new features, bug issues you should be aware of and more.
      • Access to Distributer Portals Has Begun. The first step toward providing insight to distributor data for not only Cisco equipment but other vendor data has been completed.  The first is Avnet’ Distributor portal which is now available to provide insights on all vendor spend.  You can have direct access to the data by entering your credentials used to order direct from the distributor.  This will provide assurance that order data is accurate, allow for shipment checks, ensure discounts are applied, and much more in the future.  Visit the settings page to enter credential information.
      • Faster Access to Deal Reports. We have cleaned up the flow to get to the deal reports much quicker.  You can now easily switch from one KPI to another without returning to the Control Room as was required in the past.
      • Experience Up-to-Date Data in One Place. With enhancements to the data collection engine, even more data is gathered from different tools and brought into one place for our clients to see the most recent updates to the collection.

ChannelXpert v2.1 - Released April 18, 2016

ChannelXpert v2.1 released on April 18, 2016 offering new reports and features:

      • Added Insight to Special Customer Discounts. A new Discount Analytics report has been added to the Purchase section within ChannelXpert so that you can now monitor your discounts against Product and Service. The vision of this feature is to enable more intelligence against orders and the discount afforded to your customers.
        • The report clearly shows the discounts afforded to your customers with added intelligence to show discounts on past sales.
        • The report also provides End Customer filtering for in depth discounts analysis.
        • The quick and easy search capability streamlines the process to understand the discount structure per customer sale.
      • Introductory Access to an End of Life Monitoring Feature: For a limited time we are allowing users a view of the Refresh 2 Accelerate (R2A) integration with Cisco which is an “END OF LIFE (EOL) Monitoring” feature. We have increased our data collection on your orders to pick out your Top 10 customers with end of life equipment. You will be able to identify potential upsell opportunities based on orders that have retiring products and/or services from the last 2 years.
        • The data is refreshed each day and the top 10 will change so download today to avoid missed analysis of this kind while you still have access.
        • Over the next 6 months we will work on full integration with Cisco. Once complete, this service is expected to be offered on a subscription basis in addition to your normal ChannelXpert subscription.
      • Ability to monitor CSPP Targets to ensure rebate eligibility. A new CSPP Metrics report will enable you to monitor your current Service Attach and renewal rates against Cisco targets. As part of our commitment to customers we listened to the request to be able to track these metrics.  Three months later we can clearly identify this information and provide one combined view.  You will now be able to take action on the regions close to the target range in order to be eligible for CSPP rebates.
      • Shareable Email Notifications of the Good and the Bad. New email notifications allow you to share information with key people in your organization. The “Business Notification” emails include Alert, Good, Notice & information messages within ChannelXpert. To share, simply use the "email" button located within the messages section. This is the first step in an initiative to make it easier to share information of importance or updates.

Your Next Steps:  Register for the April 27th webinar below.  Then log into ChannelXpert to review your largest customers with retiring products, discovered discounts, CSSP percentages against target that need attention, and email the key information to team members to act upon today.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We request that if you or others in your company have been logging in under your company's assigned admin email address, user address or salesops address, that you register instead to login under your own email address.  This way we will know you are a user and send important update and training communications to you directly.

ChannelXpert April  Webinar

Learn How to Better Maximize ChannelXpert with v2.1 Release –
Things to Know

  •     How to track End of Life products & services
  •     How to track discounts by customer
  •     How to share important information with key stakeholders and more

Abbey Tewari, Sr. Product Manager at Netformx shows you how to review your largest customers with retiring products using an introductory feature available for a limited period of time. He also shows you the customer discount tracking feature to gain intelligence not readily available before. He demonstrates how to review your CSSP percentages against target that need attention, how to email the key information to team members to act upon in a timely fashion, and much more.

Transitioning form Cisco’s CSApp to Partner Management Application (PMA) for Certification Management

We are excited about Cisco’s transition to Partner Management Application (PMA).  It will allow us to provide even more data than ever before to help customers that are onboarded to ChannelXpert to further maximize their profitability.  Cisco has now retired CSApp. Therefore, while we are migrating from CSApp to PMA, the certification data in ChannelXpert will not be updated from March 14 - 31, 2016. With our agile development capability, we are working quickly to migrate to PMA and should have it up and running in the next few weeks.  The additional good news is that there will be no action required on your part for the transition.  Should you have any questions or concerns in the interim, please contact your Account SE or

Not onboarded to ChannelXpert? If you would like to have a better transition from CSApp to leverage PMA data, contact your Account Manager or complete the form.

ChannelXpert v2.0 - Released February 29, 2016

ChannelXpert v2.0 released on February 29.  This version includes a number of infrastructure additions to support future programs and offerings.  However, there were some new features added for users to take advantage of immediately.

      • Simplified CSAT Reporting.  A new CSAT satisfaction report now monitors all entities in one report.  For customers that operate in many regions around the world this makes it easier for them to have all the monitoring in one location.  This eliminates the need to manually search each country one-by-one in the PAL tool.
      • Improved Views for CSAT Risks and Status.  The CSAT report now exposes the new “Required Email Address” Target and achievement against that metric.  This combined report also provides potential risks.
      • Enhanced Download Features for “Project Breakdown” analytics.   From the report page, a view of all the items and detail behind the project can now be easily downloaded.
      • Added Support for Mac based devices.  ChannelXpert now offers full support for all MAC based devices.