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DesignXpert v18.7.0.43 - DesignXpert Consolidates Identical Configurations

DesignXpert users will now experience a new project upload to CCW scope feature – “Consolidate identical configurations”

  • Found inside the CCW Estimate Scope UI presented during the upload to Cisco workflow
    • Enabling the option results in all equivalent SKUs spread throughout DesignXpert Project aggregating and landing in CCW as a single unified and quantified SKU in the Estimate
    • Not using this option results in all equivalent SKUs landing in CCW as individual elements in the Estimate
  • Please note: You cannot use “Consolidate identical configurations” at the same time as “Sync with CCW”
  • Example:  If there are 10 chassis with the same configuration in different diagrams, those will show as quantity 10 in the upload (instead of uploading as 10 separate items).

DesignXpert v18.7 - New CCW Upload Notification - Released on November 19, 2018

Netformx added a verification process to check for periodic errors whereby some valid and configured Cisco SKUs residing inside the DesignXpert Project fail to upload successfully to the corresponding CCW Estimate. When that happens, the “ Configuration Confirmation” dialog box will warn the user to the situation by adding a red exclamation icon (!) prefacing the Estimate line details.

Users can now hover over the icon to see which SKUs in the DesignXpert Project failed to land successfully in the CCW Estimate(s). To resolve, Netformx encourages the user to open the CCW Estimate and manually add the missing SKUs to the CCW Estimate. This is an interim solution while we work with Cisco to fully resolve and eliminate the periodic errors.

DesignXpert v18.6 - Released on August 7, 2018

DesignXpert v18.6 continues Netformx’s commitment to improve your design and configuration experience with several enhancements.

  • Full adoption of Cisco ONLINE CORE (Configuration Online Rules Engine)
    • DesignXpert now offers a similar experience to CCW’s configuration, validation, and pricing accuracy.
    • The adoption of ONLINE CORE completes the transition that started with DesignXpert 18.3, and now aligns to Cisco B2B business practices for configuration and design.
  • A new XAAS (Anything-as-a-Service) Subscription User Interface
    • A streamlined configuration experience to define Subscription-based SKUs parameters.
    • Easier access to configure the Term, Billing Model, and Auto-Renew Term settings.
    • Superior control over Subscription Starting & Ending dates.
  • Expanded Project Repository Storage Options
    • The Netformx Hub, Project Repository, and SalesXpert now supports storing file attachments associated with your customer’s Netformx Project and design work
    • Look for the new Files Manager icon inside the Collaboration tab, Project Repository section
    • Full storage control is now available to support adding your files to your Project in the Netformx Hub, or downloading them from a Project stored on the Repository back to your host system via DeisgnXpert
    • Full directional control to move files between DesignXpert, SalesXpert, and your desktop.
    • Use of the Netformx Hub & Project Repository from inside DesignXpert still requires set-up for your organization along with a valid set of username and password credentials defined in Options / Project Repository
    • For more information on the Netformx Hub, Project Repository, and SalesXpert, please contact your Netformx Account Manager or

DesignXpert v18.5 - Released on June 15, 2018

DesignXpert v18.5 continues Netformx’s commitment to boost your design and configuration experience with:

  • LinkXpert User Interface enhancements
    • Adds the inclusion of a ‘Cancel’ operation to make it much easier to close the LinkXpert interface when needed
    • Now provides automatic expansion of configured port quantities from the main configuration window, which will streamline the presentation of the individual connection point you will need for connecting, disconnecting, and configuring port-to-port connectivity
  • Application stability improvements to reduce the wait time some users experienced when opening Projects
  • Foundational upgrades updating DesignXpert to stay aligned with the latest Microsoft support libraries

New DesignXpert BOM Analyzer Functionality to Increase Profitability During the Design Stage - Released April 11, 2018

Netformx DesignXpert has been updated to leverage data from the Netformx ChannelXpert – BOM Analyzer module which can automatically identify missed opportunities to increase profitability. ChannelXpert now integrates with DesignXpert so that the ChannelXpert insights into vendor promotions and incentives are available during the solution design phase. By automatically presenting—as designs are being created—alternate SKUs that are eligible for rebate, companies can readily take advantage of partner promotions and incentives while eliminating design rework. In addition, BOMs created in DesignXpert can be quickly and seamlessly analyzed for missed opportunities.

DesignXpert users will see a new BOM Analyzer Button, but there are certain criteria required to be able to utilize this new feature. There are 3 different responses you may receive once you click the BOM Analyzer Button which is defined based on your access criteria.

  1. IMMEDIATE ACCESS: DesignXpert Users whose company has access to ChannelXpert can leverage the BOM Analyzer Data pulled from ChannelXpert.
    1. DesignXpert users get access to the real-time data to make the appropriate adjustments to optimize your BOMs in the early stages of the design process.
  2. ONBOARD TO THE HUB: Your company may be a ChannelXpert user, but you will receive a notice to onboard to the hub if you are not already onboarded to the Hub with Project Repository access.
    1. To get onboarded to the Hub you will need to set up your Project Repository Hub User Credentials (corporate email address and associated password)
    2. To get started contact your account manager or
  3. EXAMPLE DATA: If your company does not have access to ChannelXpert, you will see a non-working Project sample demonstrating the type of data and feedback you could receive from the BOM Analyzer.
    1. If your company is interested in onboarding to ChannelXpert, contact your account manager or

DesignXpert v18.3 - Released on April 2, 2018

DesignXpert v18.3 continues the evolution for an enhanced customer experience:

  • An enhancement to support for Cisco’s suite of Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS) Products
    • A new configuration User Interface designed to support unique XaaS characteristics
    • An easy-to-configure streamlined workflow based on the CCW configuration language
  • An ability to incorporate recurring revenue streams and products in DesignXpert output including reports, design documents, and statements of work
  • Full support for Cisco subscription-based products including (but not limited to)
    • WebEx (A-WX-NAMED-USER)
    • Umbrella (UMBRELLA-SUB)
    • Spark (A-SPK-ACTIVE)
  • The freedom to transition your business from one-time quoting to month-to-month invoicing

DesignXpert v18.1 - Released on January 2, 2018

DesignXpert v18.1 continues Netformx’s commitment to enhanced design features including:

  • Simple Save Version 2: Simple Sync Notification for Project Overwrite
    • Users onboarded to the Netformx Hub with Simple Save enabled will benefit.
    • During a Save or Save-As operation, DesignXpert warns about an overwrite if you have an existing copy of the Project in your Hub’s Project Repository.
    • The reverse is also true - an overwrite warning appears if you attempt to open and download the Project from the Hub when its matching Project is open and in use on your local machine’s canvas.
    • The warning message allows you to continue (overwrite) or stop your Save, Save-as, or Open process.
  • Cisco Services enhancements enable standalone Cisco SMARTnet configurations
    • All Cisco users benefit from this update.
    • You can use the ‘Find in Library’ option to search for Cisco SMARTnet Services.
    • DesignXpert’s configuration window now supports the full configuration dialog to define and validate standalone Cisco SMARTnet Services when sold separately from Cisco hardware.

DesignXpert v18.0.1 - Released on August 8, 2017

DesignXpert 18.0.1 included many minor modifications and corrections aimed at providing more meaningful user guidance and statements to make the application itself easier to control and understand. For customers who contract with Netformx to build robust and focused add-on packages to their base DesignXpert implementation, this release includes a comprehensive new tool designed to streamline the add-on development and testing processes.  The release includes the following changes:

      • Expanded Functionality – increased alignment with other applications used by our customers
        • Support for Visio 2016 visio.vsdx extension to enable the importing & exporting of enhanced Visio 2016 files
      • Improved Usability – allowing the DesignXpert BoM output to sequence and match SKU order in CCW
        • Enables the new DesignXpert SKU attribute to track and match the SKU sequence line number appearing inside CCW
        • New CCW Upload option triggers SKU sequence order
        • Updated the Detailed Estimate (CCW Estimate ID) for you to use to demonstrate this capability
      • Reduced Complexity – adjustments to the user interface making it easier to use the application
        • Modification of the ‘Open Existing’ Dialog box and Reenabled the “Open Template” Dialog box to improve the overall user workflow
        • The Project Repository Tab elements are now enabled by using valid Netformx Hub User Login Credentials for an improved Netformx Hub user experience
        • Addition of the Apply Button to test Project Repository Login Credentials for better user onboarding, credential testing, & system feedback
        • The suppression of inaccurate Project Repository error messages for improved Simple Save operations
        • Correction to the Submit Support Request dialog box to enhance user experience when seeking assistance from Tech Support
      • Introduced New Features – providing better support for PSO-customers who utilize Advisors and need to load test libraries
        • New internal Plug-in Manager support establishes more consistent capabilities and support for Advisors and other associated functions, for those clients who participate in Professional
        • Service Engagements with Netformx
        • Triggered within the Netformx Updater
        • Will be used by future users to self-enroll in the beta or production releases
      • Enhanced Infrastructure – to ensure alignment with industry best practices and security needs
        • We continue to remove Microsoft Access dependencies as Netformx continues to improve the underlying programming & tooling systems
        • We upgraded our infrastructure to support Microsoft XML6.0 to maintain compliance with the latest MS security notifications and release trains


DesignXpert v18.0 - A Major Release on February 21, 2017

For details on recent patches to fix some challenges visit the Hot Topics page

Netformx is pleased to announce this major release of DesignXpert v18.0 on February 21, 2017. This major release includes substantial enhancements to the user experience.
You wanted a better DesignXpert experience. You asked for more control and to make it easier to find the exact functions you need inside the toolbar to do your work more quickly and efficiently. You wanted a simplified user interface. You wanted visual queuing so you could immediately find and correct problems on the design canvas. You wanted a deeper undo pool, to make it easier to back out and fix work errors. With DesignXpert v18.0, all this is available and much more.

DesignXpert 18.0 is more responsive and even easier to use than before. Areas of improvement include:

      • Eliminated Complexity & Clutter with significant visual enhancements to the user interface
      • Improved User Control with a redesigned and streamlined interface
      • Enhanced Design Accuracy with nearly 100% content alignment
      • Enriched DesignXpert Experience with a new project database
      • Increased Product Stability with expanded testing and development cycles
      • Significantly Reduced Tech Support Requests with adjustments to the Installer and Updater

By setting your Updater to Automatic, DesignXpert will self upgrade and give you access to these features and much more.

Netformx Hub and Project Repository to collaborate, protect and analyze your projects

Added to the ribbon is a Collaboration Tab called “Project Repository” that provides easy to access elements.

      • Open (Projects stored in the Project Repository),
      • Save (your Project to the Repository),
      • Share (your Project with other onboarded DesignXpert users), and
      • Upload Manager (to see the status of the save actions happening in the background).

Organization’s and users that have taken the steps to onboard to the hub will have access to free online storage capabilities. All you need to do for access to the new DesignXpert Simple Save features, along with the advanced features of Project Collaboration and Project Sharing, is to set up a valid Project Repository Username and Password. To receive these credentials, you will need to do the following:

      1. Email your Netformx Account Manager and let them know your organization would like to be set up for access to the Netformx Hub and Project Repository
      2. Please make sure this email includes a full list of DesignXpert users, including their corporate contact details (first name, last name, and corporate email address)
      3. Remind these users to keep their eyes open for the enrollment email coming from our authentication service – be sure they check Clutter and Junk Folders in the event your email system accidentally misclassifies this notification
      4. Follow the onboarding instructions noted in the enrollment email to confirm the username (your corporate email) and password
      5. Once approved, enter the username and password inside the DesignXpert Options?Project Repository section and select the option to have DesignXpert automatically save Projects on the Netformx Project Repository

That is it. Just a few easy steps to collaborate, protect and analyze your projects

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