DX: Report Templates

Report Templates

The following reports are available for your convenience and represent best practices and frequently requested report features of our customers.

Once downloaded you can customize any of these reports by going to the Reports Menu and then selecting Customize Excel Reports. When customizing these reports, we recommend that you follow these steps:

  • Select Create a New Report
  • Provide your new template name
  • Copy the base template from the downloaded report
  • Use the Help button (bottom left corner of each window) to understand each specific customization window
  • When customizing the BOM_Netformx report you will see an Edit Template button in the last window. By selecting this option, the excel template will open and provide additional Help in Row 13 of the 1st column.

If you have created a customized report template that you would be willing to share with other DesignXpert users, please contact us.

Watch the Webinar from April 30, 2014

Deep Dive for Creating your Own Reports and Outputs

David Fernandez, Technical Solutions Consultant at Netformx takes a deep dive into how to create your own reports and outputs with a number of tips and tricks to help you. He covers how to:

  • Customize reports by applying custom grouping and including additional information
  • Produce a Bill of Materials with monthly service durations
  • Maximizing the impact on your design documents by including custom attributes and more
Bill of Materials Reports
Cisco-Specific Reports
Miscellaneous Reports