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Netformx Update Service

Set your Updater to Automatic for Netformx DesignXpert to regularly update with the latest rules, services, and pricing.

Experiencing problems with upgrading the Updater? Click the Hot Topics page for some answers.

This smarter, faster and friendlier Updater will provide a service that is: 1) Faster Download upon Availability 2) Improved Performance 3) Improved user experience. We encourage you to set your updater to Automatic updates now that the new version, Updater v16.0, runs silently in the background and won't be disruptive to your daily work.


Netformx DesignXpert is a desktop application. The best way for DesignXpert Users to assure ongoing accuracy of business rules information on equipment, services and pricing is to subscribe to the Netformx Update Service. This annual subscription provides web-based updates to the Netformx KnowledgeBase™, delivered over the Internet directly to your desktop or premises server.

Solution Providers designing enterpirse technology solutions for their customers no longer have to spend hours searching for the latest information on new products, technologies, and configurations. Netformx Update Service puts it all at your fingertips, keeping you current on thousands of changes introduced by the industry’s leading manufacturers on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. Even if you haven’t been exposed to new technologies through training and product briefings, you can still use them in your solutions. With Netformx Update Service, your KnowledgeBase stays current. Your network solutions are more accurate and errors in order processing and implementation are greatly reduced.

Manufacturers are constantly changing their network technologies. Subscribe to Netformx Update Service and you’ll always have the most current information available, delivered straight to your desktop if you have selected Automatic Updates. Selecting Manual Updates will require you to run the updater for the latest information. Netformx Update Service includes the following:

  • Web-based updates to your Netformx KnowledgeBase ensure accuracy of network solutions.
  • Latest discovery mappings to ensure network audit detail and accurate mapping of discovered devices and components to the Netformx KnowledgeBase.
  • Periodic online updates to Netformx DesignXpert for the latest maintenance releases without user action.
  • Scheduling and filtering capabilities allow you to schedule updates and specify proxy server access information from within the Netformx Update Service desktop applet.
  • Easy-to-use data delivery system lets a user register for, purchase, and receive the Netformx Update Service online as well as for annual renewal of this service.