Online Case Submission

Online DesignXpert Case Submission

This form is to be used for NEW DesignXpert issues only.

All other issues for other Netformx products should contact:

If you have an Existing Case:

  1. You should reply directly to the email we sent confirming that your case has been received, or
  2. You may send an email to  Include your case number in the subject line.

Steps to submit your New Case:

  1. Enter your contact information and detailed information about your problem, question or feature request below.
  2. To better service your needs, you must include your Assigned Serial Number in order to receive support from our Software Support Team.
  3. Please double check your email address and phone number for accuracy. We will send you an email confirmation shortly after you click the Submit button.
  4. If you believe an attachment will help us identify and solve your issue (such as an example project or screenshot), please reply to the confirmation email you will receive from us, and attach the file to that reply (5MB max.).