Late last summer one of our customers, Mike Hurley of Annese, reached out to me with an issue his company faced. Annese, a Cisco Partner who takes great advantage of the visual design capabilities of Netformx DesignXpert, faced a challenge. As you know, the more you flex software from a graphics standpoint, the more processing power you need under the hood.

Mike’s actual note to me:

"We have been hearing complaints from engineers about the performance of their laptops, specifically around Netformx. We are looking for options, and we were hoping that we could utilize “Amazon WorkSpaces” as a Virtual Desktop environment for engineers to run Netformx. With WorkSpaces, we can give the instances plenty of resources which should make the user experience much better. The only other alternative is to look at new laptops with higher specs, which is costly and would need to be addressed as a long-term initiative.

Have you guys looked into Amazon WorkSpaces? Have other users reported back on their experience with it? Is this something your dev team is looking into as a supported design?"

This simple request kicked us to the core. Here is a solution provider, who positions and sells Amazon WorkSpaces implementations to their customer base, asking if DesignXpert could install and run inside the Amazon WorkSpaces Virtual Desktop in the Cloud for their own use. A solution provider who walks the talk!

Like many of you, chasing the never-ending hardware upgrade cycle is a costly endeavor. Having to purchase new equipment because your desktop hardware is no match for the features of an existing piece of software is a CapEx nightmare. The new way forward is cloud-based technology that utilizes virtualization to compensate for and provide ever increasing processing capacity, seamlessly, at a lower price, while shifting from CapEx to OpEx spending. On top of that, using a virtual desktop in the Cloud means users can access their desktop anywhere, anytime, from any device, and work essentially without restriction.

Given that everyone has highspeed Internet access, migrating from physical to virtual environments is one of those lightbulb situations — so obvious. You would think that by now, with the world transitioning to, “Hey, I have an app for that,” everyone would understand this simple request. Turns out there is still a lot of confusion out there.

Fear not! Fulfilling the request was easier than everyone thought!

All we had to do was change our hardware mindset and voila — DesignXpert runs on Amazon WorkSpaces, a Virtual Desktop in the Cloud!

If you are finding that your hardware is getting slower as you flex the graphical features of DesignXpert to create rich, customer-facing documentation, are tired of the hardware rat race, and are ready to enter the future, consider Amazon WorkSpaces for your users. Transitioning your existing DesignXpert licenses and subscriptions is a breeze.

Annese was the first to experience DesignXpert in the Cloud.  You could be next.  Let’s talk!

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