Netformx DesignXpert®

Simplify Multivendor Design and Proposal Generation With A Single Powerful Tool

As a solution architect or sales engineer you need to address more and more complex customer requirements while wrestling to stay current on a bewildering and rapidly evolving array of products, services, and vendor promotions. You continually walk a tightrope — balancing effective designs for end-customers that deliver the desired functionality at the lowest cost point while, at the same time, meeting the organization’s need to maximize the profitability of each proposal.

Netformx DesignXpert Enables Your Success

Netformx DesignXpert®, the global leader in enterprise technology design and proposal generation, gives you the power to overcome those challenges. Netformx enables over 2,000 customers in more than 100 countries to create accurate proposals and validated designs that result in higher win rates and happier customers.

DesignXpert Features

  • Rich Graphical Design and Visual Organization
  • Validated, Multivendor Designs
  • Customer Network Discovery and now the ability for remote discovery with the Collection Engine
  • Guided Selling Advisors & Intelligent Reports
  • Favorites & Templates
  • Vendor Promotion Insights
  • Winning Proposals and Customer Deliverables
  • Orders Uploaded Seamlessly

Achieving Success with Netformx DesignXpert

With DesignXpert you can simplify complex multivendor design and proposal generation with a single powerful tool. By creating accurate proposals and validated designs you can win more deals and proposals can be implemented flawlessly.

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