Netformx VIP Calculator

VIP Calculator

Make the most of your VIP rebates

Virtually all partners know about Cisco® Value Incentive Program (VIP) rebates but may not maximize their full rebate potential. The Netformx VIP Calculator was designed to automate the process partners need to navigate in order to keep up with the comprehensive and continuously evolving VIP program.

Gain insights on VIP rebates

Netformx VIP Calculator enables you to quickly calculate your anticipated rebate amount and provides you with insights, so you always know whether you are taking best advantage of Cisco programs.

The Netformx VIP Calculator estimates your VIP rebates based on:

  • The cost structure of the SKUs set by selected promotions and incentives
  • Your default partner and certification status settings
  • SKU alignment to VIP track and sub-track payment schedules
  • Architecture and annuity calculation breakdowns

See the impact of front-end incentives on rebates

The SKU cost structures can be automatically created by the Netformx Pipeline Insight Tool (PIT), which analyzes all Cisco promotions, incentives, and other profit rewards that apply to a Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) Estimate. Because they are linked, the cost structures created by PIT are immediately available to VIP Calculator, so partners can realize the impact of front-end incentives on back-end rebates. That way you are ensured of having the appropriate cost structures for the VIP analysis.

Evaluate options and their impact on rebates

With VIP Calculator you can quickly see your potential VIP payout and the payout details by Architecture, Annuity, and SKUs not eligible for VIP. Partners can also assess the financial value of adding a master specialization by performing a what-if analysis with and without the specialization. When you do the analysis early in the VIP period, you have time to fulfill any specialization requirements that will improve the bottom line.

With Netformx VIP Calculator you can:

  • Increase your VIP payout by analyzing your anticipated VIP rebate amount
  • Boost productivity since VIP Calculator gathers, organizes, and presents all the data you need in a dashboard
  • Experiment with different Cisco plans and see the resulting impact
  • See the impact of Partner Status values on rebate payout
  • During the VIP transition period, compare potential rebates for the current and next VIP period
  • Leverage anticipated VIP rebate dollars to address competitive pressures
  • Control who can access VIP Calculator based on how your company uses its rebate funds


VIP Calculator      VIP Calculator

Customer Testimonials

Brian Bermel
Brian Bermel
Partner Alliances Manager at Sirius Computer Solutions

Cutting the Guesswork for Potential VIP Payout
“As a leading national solutions integrator, it is essential for us to scale our sales business by streamlining operations. With Netformx VIP Calculator we are able to experiment with different options to cut the guesswork and see our potential VIP payout to maximize our rebates, optimize our profits, and remain competitive on every deal. Thanks to VIP Calculator’s automation and optimization we are able to make business decisions more rapidly and get quotes in our clients’ hands ASAP.”


Tom Spitnale
Tom Spitnale
VP of Sales at SyCom Technologies

VIP Calculator is a Productivity Booster
“Netformx VIP Calculator makes it so easy to see where we stand on our VIP payouts and what steps we can take to increase our benefits. VIP Calculator is a productivity booster since it presents all the data we need in a single dashboard, so we don’t need to spend hours doing it ourselves. And now that we know accurately what our VIP benefit will be on a quote, we have the opportunity to leverage known rebate dollars to win highly competitive deals.”


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