Optimize Profits and Cost Structures

Cisco Partners are challenged daily by the complexity of IT technology sales, since Cisco’s products, price models, and generous incentive programs are numerous, constantly changing, and can be complex. You need to be sure every pricing and discount scenario is taken into account and deliver a validated, competitive—and profitable—quote. Yet it is often difficult for you to stay current and to optimize your margins without hours of manual calculations and research.

Focus on your business, not data analysis

Netformx tools automatically analyze Cisco Estimates and expose all relevant incentives and their impact on discount percentage. They also analyze margins and perform “what-if” scenarios. Instead of grinding through spreadsheets, they provide easy access to the data you need so you can focus on your business and be proactive with your customers.

Gain business insights

Netformx tools automatically collect, aggregate, and correlate data from many Cisco tools and combine it with distributor purchase data. Through sophisticated analytics they turn that mass of data into business insights that neutralize risk, ensure compliance, and optimize profitability.

Netformx tools help you focus on profitability:

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