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Netformx improves Managed Service and IT Solution Provider profitability and efficiency by providing enriched data and actionable insights that result in positive business outcomes.

Pre- and post-sale insights enable Solution Providers to accurately assess and design winning IT network proposals and to maximize Cisco VIP, CSPP, and Lifecycle Incentive program rebates for Direct and Disti deals.

With up-to-date multivendor network discovery, MSPs can accurately quote IT network services and continuously monitor their customers’ network assets. The customer’s network and security postures are optimized using AI security reasoning, vulnerability analysis, and topology mapping.

These business outcomes are the result of automated multivendor data gathering, analysis, and at-a-glance insights available in the cloud.


  1. Increase IT solution sales adding upgrades & EOX replacements
  2. Accurately assess & maintain customer networks
  3. Optimize customer network & security posture
  4. Grow Cisco Partner rebates with enriched data

The Netformx Application Suite includes:

  • Discovery: Ensure accuracy by quickly baselining the existing network and comparing to what was sold
  • DesignXpert: Create validated, professional multi-vendor diagrams and proposals
  • Pipeline Insight Tool: Gain critical business insights with a 360-degree view of your Cisco pipeline and analyze margin for competitive pricing
  • VIP CalculatorAnalyze Cisco VIP rebates and gain insights on potential payouts
  • ChannelXpert: Manage your sales business and optimize Cisco incentive program participation from a single pane of glass
  • AssetXpert: Predictive maintenance for managed services with ongoing assessments to find and analyze network & security risks

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