Simplify Customer Experience Management

Customer experience is a competitive differentiator and critical to success, especially for subscription services and recurring offers. It also presents a tremendous opportunity to deliver your unique value-added services.

Cisco rewards Partners for developing customer success practices and creating value across the customer experience lifecycle, from the start through activation, adoption, and expansion. Yet Cisco Partner Sales, Customer Experience, Customer Success, and Renewals teams struggle to manage the full customer experience process and meet Cisco requirements so that it maximizes their Cisco Lifecycle Incentive (LCI) rewards and their customers’ experience.

Increase profitability with end-to-end LCI program management

Netformx applications enable Sales and Customer Experience teams to increase profitability by simplifying and automating the management of the Lifecycle Incentive program to better ensure reward payout.

  • Identify LCI opportunities with a single click and prioritize for highest rewards
  • Take actions to meet CSP plan deadlines and SBO requirements
  • Track reward payments to ensure all LCI rewards are collected

Comprehensive data to proactively manage the full lifecycle

Merging our deep expertise of Cisco programs with complete, consolidated, and digestible data from distributors and numerous Cisco platforms we deliver the right data to the right people at the right time.

Identify potential LCI rewards in the sales pipeline

Gain visibility into your sales pipeline’s LCI rewards potential with up-to-date data from CCW Estimates, approved deals, distributor deals and your uploaded BOMs—all in a single repository. Identify LCI-eligible SKUs and segment opportunities by program and sub-track incentives to help you prioritize and plan.

Streamline the full customer experience lifecycle: activation and adoption

Automatically have at your fingertips the information you need to manage activation and adoption post-sales.

  • Ensure the customer’s desired business outcomes are realized
  • Supporting tools for Cisco CX Advanced Specialization audit tooling requirements
  • Have access to automated Cisco data feeds for subscription, utilization, incentives, Lifecycle Incentive (LCI) activity and order data, thereby eliminating manual uploads

Manage subscriptions and identify expansion opportunities

Ensure growth by simplifying management of subscription and SmartNet renewals with full access to all subscription information, including products and expiration dates. Identify upsell opportunities to grow your renewals.

Netformx tools help you simplify customer experience management:

  • Pipeline Insight Tool (PIT): Gain critical business insights with a 360-degree view of your Cisco pipeline
  • LifecycleXpert (included with ChannelXpert): Analyze and prioritize LCI opportunities, determine where to take action on plans and activities, milestones, and due dates, and track payments to ensure you get paid
  • AssetXpert: Simplify management of subscriptions, SmartNet contracts, and renewals

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