Netformx Discovery


Discover the customer’s actual network

Netformx Discovery supports assessment-led selling by providing a comprehensive audit and analysis of a customer’s multivendor network. In minutes, you can automatically baseline inventory, and document your customer’s network, including configuration details, from topology down to node level and identify security vulnerability.

Identify up-sell and upgrade opportunities

Netformx Discovery also identifies opportunities for technology upgrade, replacement, and enhancement. You can quickly gain insights on equipment that is underpowered or underutilized, end-of-life or out-of-service, a potential security vulnerability, or otherwise in conflict with a customer’s requirements. This is important in both the pre-sales and the renewal stage.

With Netformx Discovery you can:

  • Be a trusted advisor by delivering accurate and actionable insights to your customers
  • Drive more business with targeted network migrations and upgrades
  • Eliminate travel and firewall challenges by performing network discoveries remotely with the portable Netformx Collection Engine
  • Gain even more detailed analysis and reporting on discovered devices by uploading the results to equipment vendor services. For example, Netformx Discovery data provided to Cisco SmartAdvisor is then sent to Cisco Smart Services.
  • Mitigate cybersecurity risks by identifying vulnerabilities via logs on network devices, applications, and systems
  • Speed accurate solution designs by seamlessly uploading your customer’s network into Netformx DesignXpert®


Customer Testimonials

Mike Vivenzio
Mike Vivenzio
Director of North American Sales Engineering at ALE

Eliminate Errors in Designs & Proposals
“Netformx DesignXpert enables us to eliminate errors in designs and proposals since configuration rules are enforced and product information is always up-to-date. Also, Netformx Discovery provides insightful information in multi-vendor networks that can uncover network issues or provide guidance for future network enhancements or upgrades.”

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Collaborate with other SalesXpert and DesignXpert users to create winning multi-vendor solutions and offer self-service ordering

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