Frequently Asked Questions


DesignXpert Installation issue:-
KB2999226 is already installed but DesignXpert installation UI indicates it is not.

Sometimes during DesignXpert isntallation, we get a message that KB2999226 is not installed. When we download KB2999226 and install it, we get the following message:   And when we check in Control Panel ->Programs -> Programs and Features -> Installed Updates, it shows KB2999226 is already installed: This occurs becauses sometimes the registry entries for some windows updates do not get updated and that is probably why it is not showing the KB2999226 as not installed, during the Netformx DesignXpert installation.   Please try uninstalling it and install it again, using the following steps:   Go to Control Panel -> Windows Update. Go to Installed Updates /View Install Updates and check if KB2999226 is installed. If yes, uninstall it. Run the DesignXpert installation package again. When you get the error about KB2999226, click on the download link to the right of the notification to get the KB2999226 installation file. Continue to install it and click on Refresh button on the DesignXpert installation UI to continue with your installation

DesignXpert System Requirements

Hardware Requirements:

  • Windows Desktop Operating Systems (Windows 7,8 and 10)
  • 8 GB Memory or more.
  • 6 GB of free space on C:/ drive.

Software Requirements:

  • NET 4.5.2 or later
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistribution Package (x86)
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)
  • Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable Package or higher
  • Microsoft XML 4.0 SP3
  • SQLite ODBC Driver 32
  • Microsoft Update KB29992263 (Windows 7 or 8 requirement only)

Pre Installation Requirements :

1.  Get your Admin to  install “Go Daddy Root Certificate Authority – G2” into “Intermediate Certification  Authorities” https://certs.godaddy.com/repository 
2. Be sure you have an internet access access to the following:
    a. https://dds.netformx.com (port 443) 
    b. http://cdn.netformx.com (port 80) 
    c. www.netformx.com (port 80) 
3. NTFS permission (R\W) to the following path:
    a. %appdata%\Netformx
    b. %programdata%\Netformx
    c. C:\Program Files (x86)\NetFormx
    d: %temp%
4. Registry FULL permissions to:
    a. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Netformx
    b. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NetFormx

Where can I download DesignXpert?

If you already have a license, you can download the software from: http://download.netformx.com/dist/CD(DesignXpert).exe You may request an evaluation license for 30 days here: http://www.netformx.com/Try-it – Design Expert DesignExpert

Why is my Cisco Smart Advisor transaction stuck in "CISCO SERVER IS NOW PROCESSING"?

Processing time is affected by several factors, including the number of devices in a transaction, the number of user transactions queued, the types of analysis requested, and overall system performance. During peak usage times, transactions may take longer to process. On average, we have seen a processing time of approximately nine seconds per device, but when usage is high, it can take anywhere from 24-48 hours to process. Future system enhancements are planned to improve processing time. If your transaction is stuck in “CISCO SERVER IS NOW PROCESSING” for an extended amount of time (3 days or more), you may be having an issue with your network connection and DesignXpert cannot query a completed transaction from the CSA Server. First we suggest that you confirm that no local firewall or virus protection software is blocking the connection. Second, we then suggest trying to access your transaction from a different network. If the items mentioned above do not help to correct your issue, please contact the support department.

What information should customers provide for a successful discovery?

The following information is needed at minimum for a successful discovery: IP ranges, Subnets, and/or a Seed router of the target network – SNMP Read-Only community string and credentials – TelnetSSH credentials – TelnetSSH enable password (Required to get enhanced PSIRT report) – SNMP Read-Write community string access credentials (Required to get Cisco configuration files) We also suggest referencing the very informative Step by Step guide available on our Netformx Netword Discovery page. http://www.netformx.com/discovery

How to change Cisco CCO credentials in DesignXpert?

Click on the large button and navigate to: Options Vendor Specific Cisco.

How to change DesignXpert license?

New User Name will be required A new serial number requires the registration of a new username. This must be followed by a library reset.

  1. Open DesignXpert
  2. Go to the “N” Button > Register Software
  3. Insert the new SN in Step 1
  4. Register the new SN and create a new username in Step 2
  5. Insert the new UN and PWD in Step 3
  6. Click OK (a confirmation will be displayed that the updater service has been activated)
  7. Close DesignXpert
  8. Open the Updater user interface
  9. Navigate to the ‘Advanced Tab’
  10. Click ‘Reset Library’

How do I retrieve my DesignXpert password? How do I change my DesignXpert password?

Retrieve DesignXpert password?

Change DesignXpert password?

  • Navigate to our web page, http://www.netformx.com/user-login-support
  • Log in with your DesignXpert username and password
  • Click the ‘Update your profile’ link
  • Update your password and click ‘Update’ at the bottom of the page

Why are my Cisco Network Assessment reports empty?

No data displayed on the Network Assessment Reports after successful Netformx Network Discovery. This data is not available unless a successful upload and download to Cisco Discovery Services (CDS) has occurred. Instructions on how to submit Netformx Discovery project to CDS: Go to DESIGN TAB > ANALYSIS > CISCO SMARTADVISOR > SUBMIT NETWORK ASSESSMENT REQUEST to upload your discovery data to CDS. Before performing this action, please insure that the minimum requirements were met for a successful CDS analysis.

  • SNMP version and community string was correct (responsible for EoX data)
  • Telnet/SSH password and enable password were configured and correct
  • ‘Enable Cisco Smart Advisor’ was checked on the Cisco Specific tab in the Discovery configuration dialog box.

For more information please visit us on http://www.netformx.com/discovery

Application Freezing when validating Power Consumption / No button to continue

Instructions on how to change Windows OS DPI settings How to change DPI in Windows 7 and 8: NOTE! Be sure to save all documents prior to running through the following steps as you will need to log off in order for the changes to take effect.

  • Right click on a empty area of your desktop and choose Personalize.
  • Click on the Display link at the bottom left corner.
  • To Select a DPI Size- Smaller – 100% = 96 DPI(Pixels/Dots Per Inch)
  • Click on the Apply button.

When selecting a price list, an error is generating stating the the CCO account configured in DX does not have access to that price list and/or when generating a BOM or uploading to Cisco.com, an error 'Failed to retrieve online prices from Cisco.

User most likely updated their password for CCO but did not update in DesignXpert 1. Please go to DesignXpert Options (top left hand corner, middle icon next to the “N”) then the Vendor Specific tab and enter your credentials, select CCW. (NOTE: Make sure that your timeout is also set to at least 120s) 2. For CCW, go to https://sso.cisco.com/autho/forms/CDClogin.html , login with your CCO account, Go to Quick Links User-added image select Workspace Profile and Preferences and verify that everything in the Preferences area is filled out with all the data. User-added image 3. If you cannot see or access all of these, please contact the Cisco helpdesk at +1-408-526-8888. 4. Once you have verified your access, re-enter your CCO credentials in DesignXpert. 5. If you do have a pricelist selected and you continue to get this message, please verify that the pricelist you have selected for CCW is the same under General tab, Choose Pricelist, including the currency type.

Netformx DesignXpert Support on Mac OS

Netformx is well aware of the growing popularity of Macs and the desire to run a native version of Netformx DesignXpert on Mac OS. After careful analysis, we have concluded that the amount of investment required to create a native Mac OS version of Netformx DesignXpert is prohibitively high. We have no plans to release a native Mac OS version of Netformx DesignXpert at this time. Here are your options to successfully use Netformx DesignXpert with a Mac: 1. Virtual Machine (VM) such as VMWare Fusion or Parallels Desktop for Mac

o Many customers successfully run Netformx DesignXpert using VMs. o Please use a higher performance Mac to ensure you have plenty of resources to run all your applications along with Netformx DesignXpert. o We offer software support for Netformx DesignXpert users deployed on VMWare and Parallels and can provide you with best practices for deployment.

2. Apple’s Boot Camp

o Netformx DesignXpert runs very well using Windows 7 installed on Apple’s Boot Camp o A Boot Camp partition can also be mounted using a VM, providing the flexibility to run Netformx DesignXpert via a VM with other Mac Applications or with the full power of a Mac using Boot Camp.

3. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) such as Citrix XenDesktop , VMWare View , or Cisco VXI

o Many of our customers are turning to VDO to deliver a more flexible platform for their employees including support for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), mobility, and enterprise software management. o Netformx can assist you with best practices to deploy DesignXpert using VDI and will support users for any issues related to Netformx software. o In order to deploy on VDI, please contact your account manager to discuss licensing requirements

Future Direction Netformx is hard at work building the next generation infrastructure and applications for our customers. Our direction is to leverage Software as a Service (SaaS) and Cloud-based applications which will provide cross-platform support. Our intention is to deliver a next wave of applications that will work with Netformx DesignXpert and enhance its capabilities while leveraging the flexibility to using any OS and browser commonly used by enterprises. We will share more details as they become available. Contact Us – If you have any questions about support contact support@netformx.com .

Cisco Smart Advisor Network Assessment Status definitions

  • UPLOADING  – Devices are uploaded at the current moment
  • COMPLETE  – Server completed processing of all devices successfully
  • PARTIAL  – Server completed processing of all devices, some successfully, some with errors.
  • PROCESSING –  Transaction is processed by Cisco server.
  • ERROR –  Processing of ALL devices in transaction failed.
  • WAITING FOR DOWNLOAD –  When transaction was in COMPLETE or PARTIAL status user got a message and decided to download the results later
  • DOWNLOAD COMPLETED –  Download completed – after transaction was in COMPLETE or PARTIAL status.
  • UPLOAD FAILED –  Failure during upload.
  • PARTIALLY DOWNLOADED  – after transaction had been in COMPLETE or PARTIAL status, user started download, but cancelled it.

Managing drawing attributes for labels

1. Go to the ‘N’ button > ‘Project Properties’ > ‘Project Attributes’ 2. Click ‘Add Attribute’ User-added image 3. Enter Attribute Name and click OK User-added image 4. Enter the value for Attribute User-added image 5. Then Right click in the project and select Insert > Project Labels User-added image 6. Highlight the General Group > Desired attribute > and select the Right arrow to add. User-added image 7. You will then see the label added to the project.

Error message when attempting to validate -"Incompatible Cisco.com validation server response, please check for updates and try again. To check for updates, please right click on the Netformx Updater (located on the System Tray) and select "Update now".

  1. Open DesignXpert
  2. Go to the large N button on the top left corner
  3. Click “Options”
  4. Navigate to “Vendor Specific” (Cisco) tab
  5. Change the timeout to 200 seconds
  6. Click Apply
  7. Then attempt another validation

How to import a discover file (NDR) into a project

NDR files are created when DesignXpert is used to run a discovery network. The NDR file contains all of the data that is collected from the network. These files can be imported into new projects.

  • Open and SAVE a new project
  • Associate the NDR file to the new project by going to the N Button > Project Properties > then define the path of the NDR in the Netformx Discovery Database field
  • Click SAVE
  • Import the NDR file by going to Design tab > Discov > Import Discovered Network
  • A window will pop up asking if you would like to review the information prior to importing, select YES or NO
  • If you select YES , the discovery configuration screen is displayed, simply click the RED X in the top right to close the window and begin importing

Please allow ample time for the import to complete.

Why won't my project open? I double click on it and nothing happens.

At times, an NPZ file may become corrupted. Try these steps before opening a ticket with the Support team.

1) Open windows Start > Run and enter %Temp%NFXPROJ 2) While in that folder run a file search for “npr” and see if it is in the list.

This is method is not guaranteed as this folder we are looking into, is a temp folder which adherses to Windows temp files rules but in many cases you can recover the npr project file. If this does not help, please contact the Support department.

How do I restore to the default windows layout?

  • View Tab > Arrange > Reset Windows Locations

User-added image

Where can I receive some training on using Netformx DesignXpert?

Visit our training page for useful videos to learn some of the basic and advance user functions of our solutions: https://www.netformx.com/news/news-category/training/

Error message while executing Netformx DesignXpert

1. Go to “Programs and Features” in Windows Control Panel 2. Find “Microsoft Access Database Engine” and highlight it 3. Click on the “Repair” button on the top Menu 4. Run DesignXpert User-added image


The new Netformx Updater version 16 requires the following: 1. At least 12GB of HDD free space in C drive 2. At least 4GB of RAM Memory installed on the machine 3. RW and Modify permissions for “Netformx” folder under “C:ProgramData” or any other “Working Location” folder that can be set manually NOTE: if you don’t have 12GB free space in your C drive you can easily change the Updater “Working Location” folder to any other location on your HDD User-added image

Updates downloaded correctly but can't be installed.

Resolution: 1. Go to %programdata% from the start menu 2. Right click the “Netformx” folder and select “Properties” 3. Click on “Edit” under the “Security” tab 4. Click on “Add” and type your domain username and hit “Check Names” and “OK” 5. Select your user name under the “Group or user names” and V check the “Full Control” and click “OK” 6. Reboot your machine and run the Updater NOTE: Please make sure you are connected to the domain via VPN or directly before applying the steps above.

Cannot upload ConfigSet to CCW from DesignXpert

Cisco is preparing to end-of-life ConfigSets in September, 2015, and to prepare for that event, fundamentally changed the way B2B partners work with CCW with the 8th-MARCH CCW Update. The WebService provided to partners to upload configurations into CCW now supports only Estimates. With Cisco’s decision to discontinue ConfigSet uploads into CCW, Netformx had no choice but to eliminate that upload option, as well as the import ConfigSet functionality, from DesignXpert.
We are also hearing that Cisco could eliminate CCW’s ability to create ConfigSets earlier than September with a May update, so you should be prepared. Given Cisco’s stance, there’s no action we can take and for all intents and purposes, ConfigSet support has been completely eliminated from DesignXpert.

How to move Netformx Discovery project to another machine?

If you need to run a Discovery on one computer and move the information to another to work on the project, please follow these steps: NOTE: The NDR file is located in the same folder as the NPZ file

  • Transfer the NPZ file to the new machine
  • Transfer the NDR file to the new machine as well
  • Open the NPZ
  • Associate the Netformx Discovery Database to the new location by going to

How do I import multiple discovery files into one project?

Multiple discoveries done in separate projects of the same network can be imported and combined into one project. The process is simple. NOTE: We highly recommend creating a brand new project for the consolidation of discovery files.

  1. Backup your files (VERY IMPORTANT)
    • NDR (Located in the same folder where the project was stored)
    • LOGS – Available here “%appdata%NetformxND” (copy and past that path into the run line/search line)
  2. Start a new project and save it.
  3. Associate one of the discovery databases with the new project – User-added image > Properties > Database > Locate copied NDR
  4. Begin importing NDR’s one at a time – Design Tab > Discovery Tool > Import Discovered Network > Select the NDR file
  5. Save the project when finished

How do I manage and access my custom reports to DesignXpert?

In the Design Explorer,
1. Click on the Reports Panel
2. Click on the Add Excel Template Based Report buttonUser-added image
3. Complete the requested information and click on the find file button and select the template name:User-added image
4. The report name in the selection will reflect the template file name. Once it’s added, it can be renamed by selected the report, hitting F2, and then renaming it.
NOTE: If you are creating a custom report using the Custom Excel Report Wizard, ‘ Create menu item ‘ must be checked upon finishing the wizard for the report to show in the User Reports menu.User-added image

What non-Cisco devices are found in a Discovery, is there a list?

DesignXpert discovers all SNMP supporting devices and retrieves public MIB information such as system description, location, object ID and more.
Product ID is either retrieved from Netformx knowledge-base, which is proprietary. Most equipment supporting MIB II (Entity MIB) will be discovered with the product ID / catalog number.

Runtime Error when trying to launch Netformx software

Instructions on how to delete your DesignXpert temp folders:
1. Open windows RUN from start menu.
2. Type %temp% and click Enter or hit the [OK] button.
3. Delete the NFXPROJ and NFXTEMP folders.
NOTE: Please be sure DesignXpert is not running before performing any actions.

Tips for logging into Salesforce.com via DesignXpert

When logging into Salesforce.com via DesignXpert there are 2 options to login.

  1. Define your computer’s IP as “Trusted” in Salesforce.com which will result in not needing the security token
  2. Login without changing Salesforce.com security settings with will results in security token being mandatory
Note: When entering a value into the token field it will be checked, regardless if you have defined your IP as trusted in Salesforce.com or not. Which means that if the token is incorrect you will receive a login error although token is not necessary. To avoid this from happening do not fill the ‘Security Token’ field unless it is required as you don’t have a ‘Trusted IP’.

How do I register for access to the PIT & MAT?

You can register your PIT & MAT account here:


To demonstrate the registration process, we will use a fictitious Partner, AM Computing (www.amcomputing.com) and user – Adam Marshall, with the  CCO ID adammarshall, and email address -adam.marshall@amcomputing.com.

The current user registration process when Adam first registers for the Partner Incentive Tool; he does so using his original email address (adam.marshall@amcomputing.com) and CCO ID of adammarshall.


Once the registration is complete, Users will receive an Activation link by email. Follow the instructions there to complete the registration.

I have not received an Authentication/Activation email from the Registration process?

  1. Search your inbox for our email coming from distribution_partners@netformx.com
  2. Check your Junk & Clutter folders; sometimes your email system thinks the authentication email is Spam.
  3. For those of you running Office 365, check your Quarantine server: https://protection.office.com/#/quarantine

If you still cannot find the Activation Email, please send us an email on support@netformx.com

I have registered for PIT. How do I access PIT?

You can access PIT here:



How can I get both AM & PM access?

At this time, we limit a single Partner Incentive Tool registered user from serving as both AM and PM.  The AM and PM registrations must be unique.  However, there is a manual workaround we can suggest if you want one user to have both AM and PM access.


To demonstrate the workaround, we will use a fictitious Partner, AM Computing (www.amcomputing.com) and user, Adam Marshall, with the following CCO ID adammarshall, and email address of adam.marshall@amcomputing.com.


The current user registration process when Adam first registers for the Partner Incentive Tool; he does so via his original email address (adam.marshall@amcomputing.com) and CCO ID of adammarshall.  He will have AM access only.


If Adam wants to have both AM and PM access, he must define a second unique Cisco CCO user ID tied back to a second (and different) corporate email address.


AM PIT Registration

Email address – adam.marshall@amcomputing.com

CCO username – adammarshall

CCO password – the password associated with CCO ID adammarshall


PM PIT Registration

New Email address – adam.marshall2@amcomputing.com

New CCO username – adamarshall2

New CCO password – the password associated with CCO ID adammarshall2


We are looking at allowing a single registered user to have both AM and PM access but that capability is not currently available in today’s Partner Incentive Tool.

Are there any basic training documentation available for PIT?

How can I correct the incorrect Price List error message when I try to analyze an Estimate?

Use the steps mentioned in the following video to fix the error you get when an Incorrect Price List is Selected:


How do I work with the Export Visio Addon?

Please watch the following video to Export to Visio and to install the Add-on for PIT & MAT:


The Margin Analysis Tool won’t open – it says my organization does not have a license?

Please reach out to your Netformx Account Manager for further assistance

Where can I find the Usage/ROI Report?

Here are the instructions on how to pull the Usage Report when you log into the PIT using your PM credentials.


You can now find a very comprehensive and useful user activity report from within the PM Estimate dashboard.  The new report enables you to track your user’s PIT usage and potential gains made available to your organization through Estimate analysis.  You can pull this report out of the PIT as often as you like and use it to measure your PIT effectiveness.


To pull the report after you log into the PIT, follow these three easy steps:

  1. Select the Estimate dashboard
  2. Set the ‘Modified in the last’ to 30D (30-days), and
  3. Click the Export icon


The PIT generates an Excel usage report for the Estimates modified in the last 30-days (the date range you selected) of user activity that includes a Summary of net benefits plus an Estimate-by-Estimate analysis breakdown provided by the PIT/MAT usage.

How does Netformx pull information into ChannelXpert?

Netformx assists the Partner with creating a CCOID specific to ChannelXpert that has administrative permission that allows access to Cisco applications like PPI, PAL, TPV, CCW, Leads & Prospects etc., to pull the necessary data.

Does ChannelXpert include distributor purchase data?

Yes. The partner simply needs to sign an LOA with Netformx and Netformx will work on onboarding the distributor data.

How often is data upated in ChannelXpert?


How do I get access to ChannelXpert?

To get access to ChannelXpert, please contact your Account Manager at netformx.
The Account Manager will initiate the process to onboard you to ChannelXpert and will send you the log in details.
You can login to ChannelXpert with the login details at: channelxpert.netformx.com

What are the features of the VIP area of ChannelXpert?

The below defines each area:

“Shipped rebate”  value denotes your Shipped rebate dollar amount if you have hit all of your enrolled sub-track minimum bookings.


“To be shipped” value  denotes the total dollar sum for orders that have not yet been shipped. You have 90 days from VIP period close date to ship the orders, failure to deliver will void your rebate for the orders outside the deadline.


“Potential add”  value shows orders that may be eligible for VIP rebate but are not marked as Eligible or Ineligible. Review the ChannelXpert report and if still questionable, raise a case via “My Cisco”.

What information can I add when I open a VIP case with Cisco?

Download the “Potential Add” report (from the table view) to Excel. Review this report and add it to your Cisco cases appropriately.

What features are in the ChannelXpert CSPP Module?

The below describes the CSPP features:

Can I change the periods CSPP is showing?


You can update the ribbon to preferred qtrs. by clicking on the ribbon name and selecting the configuration icon on the right side of it.

How can I verify that Cisco did not miss any CSPP rebate?

Check “Recoverable orders count” for potential miss alignment of rebate as it could be treated by Cisco as ineligible due to “No End Customer” of “Not for Resale”. Please verify with your internal CRM data or CCW to determine if you should raise a case on My Cisco. Use POS number to search on CCW.

What is the Deal area?

ChannelXpert monitors your deals and statuses directly from CCW to better enable you to drive clients to close business. You can easily see the percentage of your deals with and without promotions, and the different stages.

Can I know if I have any CSAT risk to my VIP rebates and Partner status?


Located on the Control Room please review the “Partner Status” KPI to see your CSAT, Specialization, Certification risks. Click through the KPI to review the detail

What is my total spend with Cisco, direct and indirect?

Located on the Control Room please review the “Purchase” KPI, select to review your split of order purchases plus other purchase KPI’s shown.

What is my DNA potential rebate?

Select from the main menu “DNA Monitoring” under “Vendor Program Analytics”

My Estimate(s) are not showing up on the main AM landing page – what can I do?

How do I input the cost discounts for the DSA/RNSD given to me by my Cisco AM?

How do I work with the Margin Analysis Tool (MAT)?

What does the green check mark mean inside the PIT or MAT box on the main landing page?

A green check mark inside the box indicates you selected an Estimate Method type in the PIT or added customer pricing characteristics in the MAT

What happens when someone makes a material change to the CCW Estimate for a PIT Analyzed Estimate?

The green check mark changes to a yellow exclamation mark (!) with a hover over to let you know you need to reexamine the Estimate inside the PIT to deal with the changes coming from CCW. SKU changes to the underlying BOM changes could introduce new Promotions & Incentives for you to select.

How do I know when Promotions & Incentives near their expiration date or expire?

Look towards the upper-right corner of the page – you’ll see a notation labeled, “Incentives: x NEW | x Expiring | x EXPIRED”. This is how you track the Promotion & Incentive lifecycle characteristics. Click anywhere on these words to pop the UI tracking all the Promotions & Incentives tracked by the PIT. New, Expiring, and Expired programs will appear at the top of the list.

How do I find and replace outdated SKU's?

Watch the 5 minute video to learn how to find and replace outdated SKU’s using Netformx Discovery.

Steps to Find/Replace Outdated SKU’s

How do I save SKU's and Projects as Favorites?

Creating your Favorites will save a lot of time. Watch the 7 minute video to learn how to save SKU’s and Projects as Favorites.

Saving SKU’s and Projects as Favorites


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