Netformx DesignXpert Support on Mac OS

Netformx is well aware of the growing popularity of Macs and the desire to run a native version of Netformx DesignXpert on Mac OS. After careful analysis, we have concluded that the amount of investment required to create a native Mac OS version of Netformx DesignXpert is prohibitively high. We have no plans to release a native Mac OS version of Netformx DesignXpert at this time. Here are your options to successfully use Netformx DesignXpert with a Mac:

  1. Virtual Machine (VM) such as VMWare Fusion or Parallels Desktop for Mac
    • Many customers successfully run Netformx DesignXpert using VMs.
    • Please use a higher performance Mac to ensure you have plenty of resources to run all your applications along with Netformx DesignXpert.
    • We offer software support for Netformx DesignXpert users deployed on VMWare and Parallels and can provide you with best practices for deployment.
  2. Apple’s Boot Camp
    • Netformx DesignXpert runs very well using Windows 7 installed on Apple’s Boot Camp.
    • A Boot Camp partition can also be mounted using a VM, providing the flexibility to run Netformx DesignXpert via a VM with other Mac Applications or with the full power of a Mac using Boot Camp.
  3. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) such as Citrix XenDesktop , VMWare View , or Cisco VXI.
    • Many of our customers are turning to VDO to deliver a more flexible platform for their employees including support for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), mobility, and enterprise software management.
    • Netformx can assist you with best practices to deploy DesignXpert using VDI and will support users for any issues related to Netformx software.
    • In order to deploy on VDI, please contact your account manager or contact to discuss licensing requirements.

Future Direction Our direction for all new products is to leverage Software as a Service (SaaS) and Cloud-based applications which will provide cross-platform support. We continue to deliver a next wave of applications that will work with Netformx DesignXpert and enhance its capabilities while leveraging the flexibility to using any OS and browser commonly used by our customers. We will share more details as they become available.

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