Make it easier for your partners to unlock the potential of Cisco promotions and incentives

IT solution providers are challenged daily by the complexity of Cisco incentive programs for channel partners. The Cisco programs are numerous and constantly evolving, which makes it difficult to maximize discounts, achieve competitive pricing, and anticipate payouts.

By working with Netformx, Distributors can help their partner customers who are buying through distribution to have access to the data they need so they can gain extra benefits from Cisco programs. Additionally, you can introduce your partners to the Netformx Tech Stack that can help them leverage—throughout the lifecycle—the many rewards that Cisco offers.

Netformx automates Cisco program management

Netformx specializes in using automation, analysis, and data collection to simplify the management of Cisco incentives. Deal data is collected from a variety of Cisco platforms, as well as Distributors. It is consolidated, analyzed, and combined with years of Netformx knowledge and expertise regarding Cisco programs to put insights and usable results at Cisco partner fingertips.

A win-win for Distributors

Distributors have a unique opportunity to incorporate partner deal data into Netformx’ comprehensive SaaS applications. That way your partners can benefit from Netformx deal analysis and take maximum advantage of Cisco promotions. Doing so is a differentiator for you, the Distributor.

By being aware of Netformx solutions you become a trusted advisor to your partners who are seeking simplification of the reward management process.

Netformx applications simplify the sales lifecycle

The Netformx Tech Stack of applications automate managing the customer journey, from presales to postsales to renewals, all with a focus on the partner’s profitability resulting in better business outcomes and improved customer success.

By working together, Netformx applications can incorporate Distributor data, so they are incorporated in your partner’s deal and reward management solutions.


Netformx applications deliver these values to your partners:

  • Discovery: Ensure accuracy by quickly baselining the end-customer’s existing network and comparing to what was sold
  • DesignXpert: Create validated, professional multi-vendor diagrams and proposals
  • Pipeline Insight Tool: Gain critical business insights with a 360-degree view of the Cisco pipeline
  • VIP Calculator: Analyze Cisco VIP rebates and gain insights on potential payouts
  • ChannelXpert: Manage the sales business and optimize Cisco incentive program participation from a single pane of glass
  • AssetXpert: Maintain customer assets for MSPs and easily renew Cisco SmartNet® contracts, software subscriptions

Partnering with Netformx

Netformx and Distributors that are working together help your partner sales teams maximize profitability by leveraging promotions that align with Cisco’s strategy. With your involvement, your partners get better and consistent access to their data. They benefit from simplified deal management and increased rebate payments.

You benefit by making it easier for your partners to manage their business, to buy from you versus another Distributor, and to compete with larger players in the market.

When you see the impact Netformx solutions deliver, you will want to recommend them to your Cisco-focused partners. You may also find the applications valuable in your own business.

Contact to learn more about Netformx applications and how you can help your partners increase their Cisco program profitability and be more competitive with other Cisco partners that may be buying direct.

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VIP Calculator

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