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Option to Beta Test a New UI for Discovery with v20.x

Netformx Discovery users will be presented with an option to test the Beta version of a new Netformx Discovery Interface. This version was completely rebuilt to provide a better user experience when performing a Discovery. While we are in test mode with this Beta it would be great for users to help us and provide their experience by performing a test discovery or actual discovery.

Before testing the Beta there are some things to know:

  • If you switch to the Beta version, you can revert to using the original version – please see the Introduction documentation for further details
  • The new experience provides limited backward compatibility – please see the Introduction documentation for further details

To take advantage of all the features in the streamlined Discovery user interface and enhanced engine, we recommend reviewing the new Netformx Discovery Step-by-Step for v.20.x Beta Guide.

Please share your experience good and bad with the Customer Success team at

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Netformx BOM Analyzer in ChannelXpert to be retired January 31, 2021

Netformx continues to be agile with their development of cloud applications for Cisco Partners. As part of feedback from Partners, we extended functionality in the Partner Incentive Tool (PIT) to include price change alerts and EoX flagging in addition to LCI alerts and the strategic alternates capabilities. We also introduced the VIP Calculator (VIPC) module to calculate VIP for Architecture & Annuity rebates during transition periods and main periods. As we focus on improving and streamlining post-sale functions in ChannelXpert for LCI and other Cisco programs we are removing the BOM Analyzer from ChannelXpert effective January 30, 2021. We are here to help you migrate to superior functionality and a better user experience. Please contact your account manager or for assistance.

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PIT Notification that Cisco removed Security Ignite eligibility for Federal Customers (6July20)

Cisco has changed the Security Ignite eligibility for Federal Government opportunities. We have added this notification feature to the Partner Incentive Tool (PIT). PIT will allow users to exclude this program from the Incentive options.

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Internet Explorer is no longer supported in PIT (31May19)

Internet Explorer version 11 contains outdated tooling, incompatible with the latest PIT 3.0 upgrade, and therefore Netformx advises any impacted Partners to immediately switch over to one of the other supported browsers when working in the PIT & MAT: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge.

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If you Receive an Upgrade Message in ChannelXpert (8May19)

Some users who have current ChannelXpert licenses are receiving this upgrade message in error. If you believe your ChannelXpert license has not expired there could be a browser caching issue. We recommend clearing your browsing history and cookies or trying another browser. However, if you continue to have any issues or questions contact

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CCW Upload Notification with Release of DesignXpert v18.7 (19Nov18)

Netformx added a verification process to check for periodic errors whereby some valid and configured Cisco SKUs residing inside the DesignXpert Project fail to upload successfully to the corresponding CCW Estimate. When that happens, the “ Configuration Confirmation” dialog box will warn the user to the situation by adding a red exclamation icon (!) prefacing the Estimate line details.

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What to do if the PIT does not show Estimates (7Aug18)

Some Netformx Partner Incentive Tool (PIT) users do not see any Estimates information after they login.

  1. Confirm your CCW Data Source
  2. Add the ‘Last Modified’ Column to your CCW Estimate Repository
  3. Modify Your PIT Estimate Pool Depth

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