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Streamline the design process

Netformx DesignXpert is the global leader in enterprise technology design—including highly complex multivendor designs—and proposal generation. DesignXpert streamlines the design process with its advanced graphics-based capabilities that make it easy to create detailed, rich graphical network drawings, designs, and schematics. DesignXpert provides seamless integration with Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) and with Visio®. Solutions baselined with your customer’s actual network, uploaded from Netformx Discovery™, enable rapid creation of accurate designs.

Up-to-date data at your fingertips

DesignXpert automatically enables you to stay current on the bewildering and rapidly evolving array of products, services, and complex vendor promotions. Designs are validated against the Netformx KnowledgeBase™ , freeing users from needing to understand exactly how to construct each element used in the design canvas. This ensures completed designs are accurate and can be deployed successfully the first time, eliminating costly configuration errors.

Simplify proposal creation

DesignXpert shields the user from the complexity of products, services, and vendor incentives so they can quickly deliver professional and personalized multivendor proposals (including design diagram, BOM, and SOW) that increase profitability and customer satisfaction.

With Netformx DesignXpert you can:

  • Increase sales productivity and win more deals by quickly delivering complete and accurate proposals
  • Scale your business profitably by increasing efficiency and standardizing on best practices
  • Increase profitability by incorporating vendor incentives during the design phase
  • Generate higher margins on every deal
  • Reduce design re-work and implementation errors with flawless deployments



Customer Testimonials

Tom Christian
Tom Christian
Networking Presales Engineer, Sirius Computer Solutions

Recommended Alternates Increases Potential Profit Margin
“The integration of vendor incentive promotions and programs into DesignXpert is enabling us to select alternate parts that meet our customers’ needs while at the same time increasing our potential profit margins. This has also increased our productivity since we can consider manufacturer promotions during the design phase rather than off-line after the order has been created.”

Mike Hurley
Mike Hurley
IT Network Consultant

Intricate Designs Result in Competitive Differentiation
“As a network consultant, I work with intricate designs. Netformx DesignXpert allows me to create a visual representation of my design that I focus on with customers instead of the Bill of Materials (BOM). Then I can easily convert the diagram to a Cisco CCW estimate or BOM to continue the sales cycle. This level of interaction with customers differentiates us from competitors, and I couldn’t imagine doing it without a tool like Netformx.”

Mike Vivenzio
Mike Vivenzio
Director of North American Sales Engineering at ALE

Eliminate Errors in Designs & Proposals
“Netformx DesignXpert enables us to eliminate errors in designs and proposals since configuration rules are enforced and product information is always up-to-date. Also, Netformx Discovery provides insightful information in multi-vendor networks that can uncover network issues or provide guidance for future network enhancements or upgrades.”

Rus Healy
Rus Healy
Chief Technology Architect at Annese, a ConvergeOne Company

Deploying DesignXpert on AWS Reduces Cost
“Because we’re an AWS Advanced Tier Consulting partner, Amazon WorkSpaces is an important part of our Cloud solution portfolio. It makes sense for us to benefit from WorkSpaces desktops ourselves. We can deploy Netformx DesignXpert on any device and eliminate costly desktop upgrades and be more efficient. Netformx was responsive to our desire for a virtual desktop option and we are pleased to be the first to implement DesignXpert in a virtual environment.”

Scott Lyons
Scott Lyons
Senior Solutions Engineer – Cisco Practice at Black Box Network Services

Working Efficiently to Get Customers Quotes
“The DesignXpert user interface gives me total control over how DesignXpert presents the entire user interface to me, which means I can customize exactly what I want to see, making it much easier for me to work. Since there is less visual complexity and clutter I can work more quickly and more efficiently, and get quotes out to my customers even faster than before. I also like the updated look and having more real estate to work with.”

Stuart MacIntyre
Stuart MacIntyre
Director of Optus Business Technology

DesignXpert Improves Employee & Customer Experience
“Netformx DesignXpert is as another tool improving employee and customer experience as we enable the Workplace of the Future and keep pace with our customers’ digital transformations.”

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